What Was Said In A Meeting By Vince McMahon That Conflicts John Cena's Position On His Surgery

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Mister Saint Laurent reporting:


This week on MLW Radio, available right now on MLW.com, Court Bauer joined Konnan and Mister Saint Laurent to discuss the friction between Vince McMahon and John Cena stemming from Cena's surgery last week in Birmingham, AL:

"John Cena has this procedure done in Birmingham, AL. WWE.com puts out there that he'll be down for only two weeks and that life will go on. It was basically like removal of fragments and bone spurs in his arm or his elbow, which if you follow sports, baseball players have it done all the time, usually in the offseason. NFL guys will have it done here or there. It's a pretty easy deal. So, I don't think anyone was thinking it was going to be this long stretched out thing, but then the reports came out about how long John Cena was going to be down for. John Cena then took to Twitter saying that WWE.com got the story wrong and that he's going to be out for a full six [weeks] and he just buried WWE.com and all the guys over there. The story obviously then switched to 'now he's out six weeks.'"

"From what I know, Vince McMahon himself, in the agent meeting, the producers meeting, told everyone straight up the dude is out for just two weeks, 'we dodged a bullet and that he's very much in the mix moving forward.' That was Tuesday, he said that. Then Cena had very different things to say and I understand WWE.com did talk to James Andrews [Cena's doctor], who WWE and Cena did give them the blessing to talk to. That's standard protocol at WWE. They always try to interview the doctor, get insight so they can have the news. Sometimes it's a kayfabe site and sometimes it's a legit news site. Sometimes it's a TMZ site, but that's the story. They interviewed him and Dr. James Andrews did say he'd be out just two weeks."

"So you have to wonder if Vince and the doctor said it and Cena is saying six weeks, there is an interesting issue there. Is it that John Cena wanted the full six weeks out? Was John Cena then told something after Tuesdays that conflicted with this? But it was very quickly thereafter they reported it on the website that this was not in fact the situation. The reality of it is, John Cena is coming off a divorce, he's beaten up. He's got a bad neck, a bad hip, bad everything. He's closing in on 36. The wear and tear of a guy like that, that goes, goes, goes and is a company man, you gotta think about."

"And if you're Vince McMahon, you look at the clock, you look at the calendar and you think, is it time to build the next John Cena?"

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  • Dave Barton

    Why is this being treated as an issue? 2 weeks, 6 weeks, whatever it takes for him to heal. There was some miscommunication.

    • mathew30

      its being treated as an "issue" becuase there is a high amount of chance that there internal friction between john and his boss. as they stated john is going through a load of stuff of recent and either was legit saying it was 6 weeks, or wanted 6 weeks off yet vince is saying and sod that your working i need the money rolling in.

      sad fact is that i was surprised to be reminded cena and others like orton have been in the business for a decade now, yet Im a fan and ive been watching since the days of hulk hogan, but deffinately seeing a massive change in the attitude era. but i can honestly say 10 years have gone by and sadly we have had to have many none active legends come back to kinda kick some life and action back into the business becuase as they say, theres not much time left for cena, but i dont feel like hes left the same impact as the other legends. but maybe thats becuase for nearly the whole 10 years his character has never changed and its just been the same old stuff.

      But what ever it may be, the guy needs a rest and if vince isnt careful in a few years he may very well lose cena soon and even before that see the ratings and his bank dwindle even more than it currently is.

  • Nick b

    36 is close to retirement for a wrestler?

    • jdl

      When you start hitting your late 30s to early 40s, your ability to maintain peak physical condition requires a lot more work. So yeah, 36 is a lot closer to retirement for a wrestler than it is for a regular person.

    • SRP

      It used to be. That was a long time ago though.

    • mathew30

      yep, mainly becuase their bodies break down. hell edge was 38 last year when he went. steve austin retired at the age of 39 in 2003

      so yeah 36 is close when the body has taken a beating.

    • nefty131

      I would say for the caliber that John cena is at, and at the continued pace. I wouldn’t be surprised if cena is forced into retirement because of an improperly treated injury. Not enough rest and working on bum body parts will retire u sooner than later.

    • XKonn247

      It depends on the wrestler. Some guys go years beyond the age they should (Hogan, Flair) to the point it becomes embarrassing to watch them struggle through spots that younger guys will take easily. Then you have the likes of Randy Orton who has already said he has no intention if wrestling that long. It’s about a few factors. Money being one. I wonder if Flair would have quit if he hadn’t blown it all? Then some guys just love the business too much like Shawn Michaels. Like an addiction they can’t give up.

    • Ken

      For everyone other than Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, I can imagine it's when they might start to think about it, depending on how long they've been in the business and the type of career they had.

    • Common Sense!

      36 is old in sports years period! Not just wrestling. I can't think of a "contact sport" that 36 isn't considered old. The article didn't say its old for life! LOL!

    • Bigdaddychuck

      You have to remember Cena does way more than anyone else does too in terms of make a wish and other charities. He wrestles 300 days a year makes movies charity work autograph sessions and everything else. The man has done way more than Austin hogan rock flair and others before him. I think this story doesn’t add up. Vince and Cena are more like lovers and can’t ever be mad at each other..

      • What? What? What?

        You didn't name anything that he's done, that Austin, Rock, Hogan and Flair have not or are still doing. When you post an erratic response like the one above, its okay to use evidence to back the claim.

        • Bigdaddychuck

          Did you not see the make a wish section. The guy has done close to 400 wishes plus has done other charity work. I never heard of flair Austin rock or hogan doing that plus all the wrestling.

          • Do ya Homework!!!

            Again, name me a WWE Champion that hasn't had a booked schedule. Make-A-Wish is a standard for anyone who has ever worn the strap. They build it for Cena because its part of his extreme baby face persona. But their has been countless WWE Superstars who accept Make-A-Wish appearances and "other" charity works.

            Salute the Troops, Be a Star campaign. Charity just is a responsibility for anyone who is employed be the WWE. Its not exclusively done by John Cena buddy!!!

          • Bigdaddychuck

            I am not saying it was just for him I am saying that he does way more than everyone else. He is burnt out give him a break. No one has been going as strong as Cena has the last ten years straight. He truly has put work before anything else

  • Joe

    Dude John cena is the face of the wwe why the fuck wouldn’t you give him time off he was suppose to take time off after WM then they told him if he can do a story with lesner which to me was a waste of time and now that he asking for an extra 4 weeks off there mad

  • DoJo

    As we get older it takes longer to heal – although Cena can potentailly wrestle at the top until he is 40 – things need to slow down…….. He works harder than anyone else in wrestling & deserves a few weeks off, I honestly cannot recall from the top of my head when he was NOT in the wwe for a long period of time!!!!! If VKM wants him around as long as possible he needs to have at least 2 months off a year to heal & recover……….. Or risk serious injury which WILL keep him out for upwards of 6 months – VKM must surely understand this?????

  • Wwe4L76

    Vince is all about the money!!


    I'm not a wrestler but I am 36 myself. I can tell a big difference in 36 compared to say 26. I am healthy but I don't have the 'youthful' bliss I once had. 🙂 Don't get me wrong. 36 is still young but when you add life on the road and the physicality of the wrestling business to the mix it will make an old man out of you quicker than the average person. Like him or hate him Cena busts his hump for the WWE and you have to respect the mans work ethic.

  • Maz

    So Ryback is stepping up to be the next John Cena lol.

    Cm punk was more than ready to be the new face of the company, but they turn him heel.

    • izblack

      Punk is nowhere near ready too be “Face Of The Company” if he was Vince would not have turned him heel. Punk’s face run wasn’t very believable too begin with. The “Next Big” thing in wrestling in terms of a guy like Hogan, Austin, Cena probably isn’t even on the radar yet and I can assure you that Punk isn’t even in that conversation, Punk couldn’t carry Cena’s, Austin’s or Hogan’s jock strip in terms of being the franchise guy too carry an entire company on his back the way those guys could. Punk is way too immature, just look at the way he conducts himself on twitter or how how much of a asshole he is with fans. Not r Carly a guy capable of being “The Man”.

      • Evon Reese

        @izblack I agree. If Punk could carry the company Vince would be all about Punk. He knows Cena needs rest but his stockholders are more important. If He feels Lesnar was the reason for success at SummerSlam he should bring him in for HIAC. I think Lesnar was a good draw for SummerSlam but it wasn't all about him. I didn't buy the PPV because of Lesnar. Triple H was a greater draw for me. I didn't care who he was up against.