What WWE Fans Want The Unified Champion To Be Called, TLC's Main Event Attraction

WWE held an App Vote on this week's Monday Night Raw asking fans what they think the winner of WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena at TLC should be called.

The results of the poll are as follows:

  • Unified Champion 38%
  • Undisputed WWE Champion 31%
  • Undisputed World Champion 31%

What does the vote mean? Evidentially not much. It was said on announce they're sure The Authority will keep the vote under consideration. As the storyline goes, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have "guaranteed" one unified champion after the pay-per-view in two weeks.

WWE is really focusing on the attraction of a unification match, even going as far as calling it the greatest match in the company's history.

  • Marc

    “guaranteed” seems like a switch of belts to me.

  • Scott Davies

    I have a hard time believing those app votes are legit. I think its all Kayfabed

  • jdl

    Yes, unified, as in Cena walks away the WWE Champion, and Orton walks away the WHC.

  • mike

    To be completely honest I don’t care who wins this match because I’ve no interest in Cena or Orton as they have boh been pushed down our throats so much over the last 10 years. I’d rather see Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk in this match but that’s not going to happen. Whatever happens at TLC is gonna be a screwy finish

    • danny4572

      i hope they dont do to bryan what they did to punk back in 2011-12..as in all the sudden he is replaced by cena in a big feud and then thats it ;(

    • El Bukkake

      Orton has bored me to tears over the last 6 months and I felt the same way about Orton vs Cena until “The Ascension Ceremony”, when for the first time in what feels like a decade, Orton became a believable heel. The crowd REALLY hated him after he bragged about taking years off of Mick Foley’s life, and oldschool fans appreciated the reference to the Montreal Screwjob.

      That’s what being a real heel is about, being HATED, getting an arena full of boos…back in the 80’s the badguys were so despised that the crowds would try to physically attack them…WWE has watered down their heels over the years because an anti-hero sells more shirts. Hopefully this could be a new age of universally hated ‘villain’ characters.

  • GOR

    If the authority guarantee 1 thing, surely something else is gonna happen !

  • whammaster

    I will still call it the Undisputed champion regardless of what wwe wants to label it as.

    • danny4572

      im shocked that more people voted “the unified champion” over “undisputed wwe champion”..

    • danny4572

      im shocked that more people voted “the unified champion” over “undisputed wwe champion”..

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    I’m still skeptical about the unification; I live in Missouri, so they are going to have to “show me” before I believe it. WWE is famous (or is it infamous?) for swerving the fans at the last second. We’ll see how this plays out. If they do unify the titles, I can almost GUARANTEE you the champ will not be called The Unified Champion. There is no way the WWE will retire both the World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Champion names. I suspect if the unification does play out, the champion will be called The WWE Champion. As prestigious as the names of former World Heavyweight Champions are, most of them have also held the WWE title. Factor in Vinnie Mac’s ego, and it’s pretty obvious what the champion will be called.

    • danny4572

      should be undisputed wwe champion.. sounds more legit and like before people will shorten it down to “wwe champion” when talking…

  • hussein

    when they wont to fight?

  • hussein

    cena is the best in the world