What WWE Will Call New Unified Champion, TLC Attendance

- Michael Cole opened WWE TLC by saying they would crown the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the main event, which is apparently the new name for the title. WWE did an App vote  on Monday Night Raw a couple weeks ago where 38% of respondents voted to call the winner the Unified Champion. You can read the results of that poll at this link.

- 14,120 was the announced attendance for WWE TLC. The show was a legitimate sellout from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

  • Venom

    That was the right call. That or undisputed wwe world heavyweight champion.

  • Orion

    The better question is what should this PPV be called because TLC is apparently not what this is.

    • Bob’s Diner

      They actually did have a TLC match, though. I think that was the least of their problems

  • 1vinny1

    isn’t that what the wwe belt was refereed to prier to the arrival on the wcw world tile

    • Bob’s Diner

      Exactly. I knew they just wanted to call Randy Orton ‘the ever first blah blah champion’. It is almost like they finally woke up and realised how badly the handled the whole WCW ‘invasion’ and are now re-writing history. I wonder how Chris Jericho felt watching the match while the commentators kept saying this was 50 years in the making and no one had ever had the chance to do this before