What You Didn't See On Last Night's WWE Raw Supershow

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WWE Champion CM Punk beat The Miz in a steel cage dark match main event after last night's WWE Raw Supershow from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Lawrence for working as a live correspondent last night.

  • infamous743

    Cena also cut a promo introducing cm punk, he some how managed to get cheered

  • Kevin

    Why do they do that? It's not fair to those of us who watch the television show. I was enjoying Cena beating Miz to the punch. Suddenly, Miz just quits, and out comes Truth. They could have had Truth attack Miz as Miz came out mouthing to Cena, then had Kane surprise attack Cena from behind and after chokeslamming him and Tombstone piledriving him, he could have given the speech he gave. All could have been done in the alloted time for television. Sometimes I think the writers just don't think these things through.

    • lukey

      It’s a bonus to those who paid to see the show