What You Didn't See On Last Night's WWE Raw Supershow

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After last night's WWE Raw Supershow went off the air, Kane emerged through the hole in the ring. John Cena dodged a chokeslam and attempted to counter with the Attitude Adjustment but missed. He ended up giving Kane a clothesline, sending him out of the ring.

Cena then introduced Jerry Lawler and said because there was a hole in the ring, he couldn't book a normal match. He announced Lawler vs. Michael Cole in a Memphis Street Fight. Lawler beat Coled after ripping his pants off and hitting a piledriver.

  • Nite

    wow, wished they would have showed lawler beating up cole and piledriving him, i hope someone captured it on film so the rest of us that were not in attendence can enjoy.

  • Joe Nasser

    piledriver?! thot it was banned

    • CaliburUK

      To my knowledge the move is banned with exceptions for Undertaker, Kane and Lawler, nobody else is allowed to use any piledriver variants

      • kbunyon

        I think you are correct because I know Taker and Kane are cleared to use it. For some reason I remember King was allowed too.

        Honestly, I'd love to put King piledriving Cole on a loop over and over. I don't think I'd ever tire of that!


        • Joe Nasser

          You guys are mistaken, piledriver was banned because of the potential damage it can do to ones neck. Kane and Undertaker are allowed to do the Tombstone version of the piledriver which is completely different, that move is so cautious blatanly obvious to everyone that it's fake.

    • WWEmemphis

      He didn't get a pile driver. I was there. He attempted to and Cole got away, so he ended up doing his fist drop move from the 2nd rope.

  • CrashHolly

    It is but you see it wasn’t televised so who cares

  • John

    There was no piledriver in the match just a punch off the top rope. I was there at raw