What You Didn't See On "Old School" WWE Raw With Video

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After this week's "Old School" episode of WWE Raw went off the air, The Shield came out and attacked Big Show. WWE posted footage at this link or you can watch embedded in the video below:

When the cameras stopped filming, John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus came out for a dark match main event. They went over The Shield via disqualification when Roman Reigns used a chair. Cena, Ryback and Sheamus all hit their finishers to end the taping.

  • Patrick

    that’s it only 18 seconds..gezz you would think the fan would have taped more

    • Jehricoholic

      I was there too,It wasn’t much, the hit the ring from the crowd, 3 on show, hit the 3man power bomb, taunted a bit then cenas music hit and your 6man tag started.

  • K!ng

    i was there live awesome show main event obviously not as good as last weeks but what do u expect. As a wrestling fan i lived a dream i got to witness the undertakers entrance live in arena at a monday night raw. I dvr the show so i can go back and watch it on tv.

  • Big Show to turn face then?

  • K!NG

    it was rollins that hit show with the chair BTW

  • Wouldn’t have minded seeing that on actual TV, I like watching The Shield