What You Didn't See On Raw Supershow - Brodus Clay Stretchered Out, John Cena Appears

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WWE had Brodus Clay stretchered out of the arena after tonight's Raw Supershow to sell Big Show's knockout punch.

John Cena came out to face Tensai, Big Show and John Laurinaitis in the dark match main event. Cena went over and gave Laurinaitis the Attitude Adjustment.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Jennifer Fuqua for working as a live correspondent tonight.

  • Ross

    The wwe is terrible without cena, love him or hate him it’s true. Tonight’s raw was boring.

    • drobertson


    • Anand

      It was not boring. In fact, the buildup for big show as an unstoppable force was pretty good. Overall, with punks mic work, the match with d-bry, overall this raw was much better than last week.

      • Punk has average mic skills

    • Joe

      Totally agree I mean really I hate the guy and I wanted big show to whip his ass but nothing

      • Anand

        Why do you hate him? Just because he is booked to win many high profile matches? when was the last time cm punk lost a high profile match? 6 months? Cena has lost to the rock at WM and to this loser laurinitis last week. Still people hate Cena cos he doesnt lose a match.

        does this sound fair?

        • Jericlone

          He’s hated because he’s been mercilessly shoved down our throats for years and some people are kind of tired of it.

          • Toby Tyler

            He is shoved down our throats because the other talent can't carry the product. Accept it. Tired of people whining about it – can you imagina a 2 – 3 hour show with Khali, Santino, Swagger, Kofi, R Truth. These guys have moments, Cena and Punk carry the majority of the show.

        • kevin

          Hello hogan was shoved down our throats for 4yrs straight without losing the title backlund for 6yrs and sammartino for 8yrs, I’m 37 punk and sheamus are fine champions cena sucks because he is your typical Boston native

    • Keagan

      I disagree, it was on the same level of entertainment as every other raw.

      • Callum

        You lot are just stealing quotes from WWE because you have no excuse and before the rock returned in 2011 you probably didn’t hate Cena!

    • Haha. I cannot agree more

  • Tyler

    It wasn’t to bad no fruity pebble cry baby

  • Button

    I disagree. WWE is much better with Brock Lesnar, not Cena.

    • Anand

      WWE can never trust brock. Who knows what will tip off brock and he leaves wwe high and dry like what he did almost a decade ago? no company can trust an employee who will ditch them given the first opportunity. On the other hand, guys like Orton, Cena, Punk, Bryan etc have been with WWE for a long time and have toiled really hard for the company. It would be a slap on the face of these guys who bust their backsides day-in and day-out only to be overshadowed by a part-timer who doesnt even plan on staying in the long run.

  • Me 4 prez

    So tensai works superstars and raw dark main events and house shows? I like Tensai his gimmick might not land I wish they'd cut tenai and return the a train or Albert he is very good wrestler. I want him 2 return back 2 tv!!!!

  • The dark main event should've been the main event IMO. But I'm glad Brodus finally got some main event time. Had a great time at Raw. It was my 6 year old's first event and he had an amazing time. Our seats were PERFECT and every superstar that we wanted to see was there. And we ended up on TV too .:) Am glad I was able to be a live correspondent for WNW tonight. Am a huge fan of the site .:)

  • H.M.

    [email protected] Talk about breaking kayfabe. Cena's not supposed to be present on Raw' till next week.

    • AJG316

      He had a dark match Main event to go out for, that's why he was their to begin with

    • Anand

      Why wasnt Cena supposed to be present on RAW? Was there an announcement about Cena this week that I missed? 🙂

  • Button

    WWE can never be better with Cena since Ruthless Aggression Era.

  • Stop negatives and think of good thing that John cena did try do better this year and he alway show up no matter what big Johnny treat all wrestling players

  • A.C.

    This cracks me up. We NEED to see Cena beat up Big Johnny on TV much like Stone Cold did to Mr. McMahon. Raw is about to be three hours long, yet they fill up the current show with maybe one good match, cool segments of C.M. Punk telling it like it is – we need more of that by the way – a decent match, and the rest is crap. Yet, they didn't show Cena give big Johnny the attitude adjustment on TV.

  • Kevin

    Punk is AWESOME on the mic. The problem the WWE has with him is his PIPEBOMBS. He reminds me a lot of Scott Steiner on the mic, except you can actually understand Punk. You never really know for sure if he's going to stick to script or say something off the wall. That's the problem with live shows; no time to edit if the personality decides to go rogue on you.