What You Didn't See On Raw Supershow - Here's Johnny

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After this week's Raw Supershow went off the air, John Cena beat Big Show & Tensai in a 2-on-1 handicap match. Cena got the win after Show took out Tensai, allowing Cena to get the upper hand.

John Laurinaitis came out and hit Cena with a chair but got the Attitude Adjustment to end the show.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Aaron for providing us with text message updates.

  • Tensai must be the biggest flop in a potential monster since Shockmaster.

    First beaten in 18 seconds then taken out by your own partner in a handicap match.

  • yesyesyes

    Why do they keep doing Cena vs Big Show & Tensai as the dark main event? For the last month this same match has happened an always ends with Big Show “Accidently” taking out Tensai smh. Occasionally Big Johnny will be in this match too. Hope they find Something new, fast.