What You Didn't See On The Wrestlemania 28 Pay-Per-View Broadcast

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After Wrestlemania XXVIII went off pay-per-view, John Cena continued to star e down The Rock on his way up the ramp.

The Rock gave high fives at ringside and interacted with the fans, including interacting with his mother, daughter and ex-wife at ringside. Rock took some time to sign some autographs and acknowledged a sign that said "If Cena Wins We Riot."

  • Matt

    I love The Rock's family. I was hoping for a handshake or hug of sorts, but I guess if there's buildup to next year's Mania on Raw tonight, that would make sense.

  • Dr.Cool

    Cena please turn heel get rid of your green crap and go thuganomics again.

    • XKonn247

      Stop it! For gods sakes if he goes heel what would be different!? He’s not honna go heel while kids get their patents to buy EVERY bit of John Cena apparel!

    • CenaShouldTurnHeel

      yeah man cena should turn heel

  • Da KiDD

    I was at WM last night, and the energy was insane!!!! The chants were going all night, with mostly "Yes! Yes! Yes!" "Cena Sucks" and "Rocky!". In my section was a guy with a CM Punk shirt, and he had a beer in his hand, and raised it in the air and said "CM Drunk! Yea!"….it was soooooo funny, we were chanting that the whole night! I loved my WM experience!

  • AJG316

    I wonder why rock would have his EX wife down at ringside, maybe a new sparkle. I'm just saying and wondering.

    • Andy

      shes his manager now, they remained friends, it wasnt a nasty break up like others….

  • ap79

    Took my 3 kids last night. Best part of the day was watching 3 kids under the age of 13 taunt Cena fans all night lmao….my 6 year old started a Rocky chant on our way out got everyone going!!!

  • mr_wayne

    That was my "Riot" sign. I'll have to see if he can sign it one of these days.

  • the high five was amazing dat night….

  • da high five was amazing dat nyt