What You Didn't See On This Week's WWE Raw

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There was no post-show dark match main event after this week's WWE Raw.

Paul Heyman drove CM Punk back into the arena and he cut a promo for the live crowd. He said he was scheduled to work John Cena but was unable too because he "hurt" him earlier.

Cena came out to attack Punk which resulted in Alberto Del Rio, Antonio Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton and Sheamus all coming out and fighting. The heels threw The Miz into the ring and the babyfaces made short work of him by hitting their finishers to send the crowd home happy.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Lawrence for working as a live events correspondent.

  • Kleck

    After the finishers, John Cena had a Randy Savage look alike come into the ring and show off to the crowd using some of his signature struts…very cool

  • jdl

    So, let me get this straight… to send the fans home happy the faces grabbed one of the announcers, ganged up on him and then beat the stuffing out of him. How is that face behavior?

    • eurosario

      It was the Miz but it should have been Cole and the crowd would have been happier.

    • Chicago MADE

      Doesn’t matter bro! It was for the live fans you had to be there to enjoy it

    • paulw3000

      Because the announcer was/is a heel… Face fights heel, heel fights face…

  • BigMike

    I would have preferred that they beat the shit out of Cole so he cannot announce again he is horrible he always has been fake ass smile and his heel persona is not even thast great because he is trying too hard and Vince is shoving it down our throats which sux COle should not be on ANY announce team

  • John Carpenter

    How come the dark matches sound more entertaining than what actually goes to air?