What You Didn't See On This Week's WWE Raw

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After this week's WWE Raw went off the air, WWE Champion CM Punk beatJohn Cena in a steel cage dark match main event. The match saw interference from Randy Orton, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler ended up getting an Attitude Adjustment, Brogue Kick and RKO by the respective babyfaces.

WWE will return to Bridgeport, Connecticut for a Smackdown taping on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. The presale password to obtain tickets is WWEBridgeport.

  • Anand

    WWE should really give Cena some rest. The guy has got a swollen ankle and they could've at least let him get some rest and not compete in a dark match main-event…

    I know how painful a swollen ankle can be and the guy had a top notch match against probably one of the best in ring competitors today inspite of the pain and has competed today as well…


    Note for all Cena Haters: I am not saying nobody is competing hurt or can/cannot do so. Just a personal thought…

    Dont give the if not for Punk, Cena's match wouldnt have been this good crap. Try walking for half a mile with a swollen ankle before you start bashing a guy who fought a gruelling match with that much pain in his legs before making any ridiculous comment…

    • Andrew Ace

      And Cena haters need to learn to give credit where its do

  • 010

    Rediculous that Ziggler again has to be the one getting the **** knocked out of him

    • Andrew Ace

      Yo you Dolph Ziggler fans are always crying. My favorite wrestler is Cody Rhodes. And you don’t hear me cry when he jobs to sin cara or only has one match on superstars

      • 010

        Ziggler has more potential than Rhodes. So you’re point is irrelevant

        • Hardy

          Ziggler sells the moves better anyway! Plus it was a dark match so its not going to do anything to him anyway, it wont hurt his character/push.

  • bettysteve

    the brogue kick..last week when shamus used it and AJ came out to chip him over using it and booker interupted her with a, quite literally, "go away litle girl, this is grown up business" and she just "went away", AJ needs muscle, a heavy of some sorts, cm punk is talking about respect, booker clearly dissed AJ, would have been fun to see her come back out with, oh, mason ryan, who did a "rag doll" on booker at aj's direction, and have her "nut job out" about bookers lack of respect. a GM with muscle AND atitude. (its not spelling errors, btw, my keyboard is so worn it doesn't like "double taps" on the keys eg double e or double t in a word)