What You Didn't See On WWE Raw, Was Paul Bearer Angle In Poor Taste?

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What You Didn't See on WWE Raw

After this week's WWE Raw went off the air The Undertaker slowly made his way to the back.

John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback beat The Shield when Seth Rollins hit Cena with a chair. After the match was thrown out, the babyfaces hit the heels with their finishers to send the crowd home happy.

Was the Paul Bearer Angle in Poor Taste?

  • it was great. such a powerful move to really really give the match meaning

  • BlazeKing

    William Moody, an actual trained mortician or “Undertaker”, would have been so giddy he would have laughed himself out of his seat over the spilled ashes!

    • Matt

      Why does everyone feel the need to A) Use his real name and B) Remind people he was an undertaker? It’s not like knowledge only you posses. Nor is that fact at all substantiating your claim. The fact he had another job doesn’t mean anything. The fact it was basically closure on the character would have been more appropriate.

      • Win

        I agree, its like saying Mark Calaway told Phillip Brooks its ok to spill the ashes out of respect. LOL. Just roll with the stage names, we don’t know these people personally.

        • Winnipeg

          Looks like they did their jobs at pissing you guys off. They were aiming for more of your kind of reactions rather then my kind of reaction.

          • Matt

            i have no problem with the angle at all.

      • StraightEdgeForLife

        I’m more curious to know why you found the need to mention this?

        • Matt

          Take a look at the likes on this comment and on mine. Clearly I’m not the Only one thinking it.

          • BlazeKing

            Number of likes means squat to me. If you want to be technical, my ratio of likes to dislikes is better.


      • BlazeKing

        “Why does everyone feel the need to A) Use his real name and B) Remind people he was an undertaker?”

        Maybe because it’s relevant to what people seem to be bitching about? Paul Bearer would be upset at his ashes being spilled, but the person actually portraying the character is capable of feeling a different way.

        “It’s not like knowledge only you posses.”

        No, it’s Common Sense. I never said I was the only one who had this knowledge. I seriously hate when people twist my words to get some kind of fame at my expense.

  • Patrick

    I only read the reports about what happen with Punk/Undertaker last night. never saw it and don’t plan to. the whole thing was done in poor taste not needed and I don’t care about the match.

    I’ve seen WWE and wrestling in general do stupid things over the last 30 years I didn’t find entertaining at all and it didn’t make me want to see the match at all.

    as it is I don’t plan to watch Wrestlemania……..I’m more interested in watching the Indy shows of Evolve, Shimmer, and DragongateUSA. this weekend. they always put on better shows. Especally on Wrestlemania weekend.

    • GODSENT68

      No-one cares how long you’ve watched or what you prefer to watch. All you ever do is complain, yet YOU keep tuning in

      • Matt

        Well said Godsent.

  • Lrgetrout9

    Paul Bearer understood what the wrestling industry is all about.

    If we were in charge of the build up, he probably would have written this exact script.

  • Kip King

    For the people complaininhg about Punks actions and the urn, This is exactly why none of you are ready for a new Attitude era, even thou all the hypocrits betch about how its PG 13 blah blah, you all arent ready for a new AE. And the way some people react to what Punk does best, your no more then a hypocrit to edgy wrestling entertainent. thats why Vince made a PG13 program for all you little kid fans, while having struggling workers who want to break the barrirer of entertainment . WWE lowered the standards of wrestling and what happen is everyone settled for it. This is why you take a seg that punk did and compare it to Big show , Bossman funeral Segment, ppl were ready and sucking up the Attitude era, Now you see it and the bitch fest begins, I stand bby everything Punk does because I was a true fan of this biz and the shocking ideas they do in this modern day.

  • Mike Love

    I find it funny that we can all agree on “we don’t know these people personally”, yet we sit here and argue about the assumption that Paul Bearer would have been yay/neigh towards this segment. Obviously I can respect opinions but let’s not contradict ourselves.

    • Matt

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m making no assumption on what Bearer would have been happy with or what not. Just getting agitated at people making claim Paul was ok with it and blah blah. It’s, as you say, not for us to determine.