What You Didn't See On Tonight's WWE Raw Supershow

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After tonight's WWE Raw Supershow went off the air, WWE Champion CM Punk beat Dolph Ziggler in a dark match main event.

In a second dark match main event, John Cena beat Kane.

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Shawn and Terrance for sending us text-message updates tonight

  • Matt

    Thank god, him and Barrett took a NASTY bump. So glad he's OK

  • An0n

    shiiiiii……he was still alive after that throw from bigshow?

  • aly

    Huh… Looks like Ziggler wasn’t as hurt as he looked… Or he’s just really damn dedicated to showing off… In any case, its good to hear. That bump looked really nasty. Glad it wasn’t to serious.

  • Pork Chop

    What happened to Wade? There's no way that was a work, I hope he'll be ok. My guess though is either a broken arm or dislocated shoulder.

  • Clint

    I guess he was fine

  • Hello Dolly

    Speaking of Ziggler, when he landed on Barrett, I'm pretty sure Barrett *SCREAMED* an F-Bomb when his arm was broken.

    My T.V. "blurbed" out audio for about 2 seconds when Barrett was slamming his working arm on the ground and opened his mouth.

  • WyFo

    I was there. Another dark match was John Cena beat Kane after hitting the A.A.