What You Didn't See On WWE Raw, Did WWE Go Too Far With CM Punk?

- After this week's WWE Raw went off the air, John Cena & Ryback beat The Shield via disqualification when Roman Reigns used a steel chair on Ryback. The babyfaces ended up hitting their finishers after the match to send the crowd home happy. The following is from Cena's Twitter:

Cena sported a new yellow t-shirt to the dark main event.

- Speaking of this week's WWE Raw, I just finished an editorial on WWENews.net you can read it by clicking this link - CM Punk’s Cheap Heat On Paul Bearer – Did WWE Go Too Far?

  • WWE didn’t go too far. They handled everything right tonight in regards to this question. I just find it so amazing with timing of Bearer’s death. I would have said before his unfortunate passing that the build between Taker-Punk was probably going to be mediocre. Bearer’s death, and I’m sorry for saying this actually adds more to the feud. But it does so not so b/c of the tragedy but more so because of how WWE handled things tonight. I thought they did a tremendous paying respects to one of the most beneficial characters in WWE history and in doing so also added a new element to go along with the streak aspect for this match at WM 29.

  • Snap

    From what I’ve read, I don’t think WWE crossed the line as it doesn’t appear that Paul Bearer (or Bill Moody, for that matter) were disrespected, though there will be those who will feel disrespect was given simply by Punk invoking the name of Paul Bearer.

    If there was ANYONE who has watched WWE long enough, they would have to be incredibly delusional to think it would not have played at least some part in the story, just as Eddie Guerrero’s death was exploited and the death of Jerry Lawler’s mother was even brought into play. We’re also talking about a company which used Jake Roberts’ battle with alcoholism as part of a feud and having alcohol poured down his throat. (see Jake’s DVD for more details)

    Heels must be allowed to be heels, but I’m sure Punk would love any backlash because it would just be proof that he’s doing his job in pissing people off.

  • Ant

    The same thing I thought when Eddie died. I can see how some people can be offended. The way I think about it is people like Paul Bearer and Eddie loved wrestling (granted I don’t know any of them so I can’t really speak for them) but I would imagine they would be happy to be part of the show and making it better. Besides he was on good terms with WWE (as far as I knew) so its not like he hated the product or McMahon and wanted no part of it or him. If he was on bad terms and did not get along I might think different but I think he would be happy to be part of the show as long as it does not get too distasteful.

    • Snap

      As far as I am aware, he was grateful to the McMahon’s and credits them for saving his life when they made it possible for him to have gastric bypass surgery. I think the only person associated with WWE he actually hated was Kevin Dunn. I also believe he was on very good terms with WWE, otherwise I doubt they would have basically dedicated an entire episode to him.

      One thing for people to consider is WWE owns the “Paul Bearer” character and unless he was referred to by his real name (forgive me for not knowing all the details, I don’t watch RAW anymore) then they are bringing the character into the storyline. What you see on WWE TV isn’t real life (if it was, would Michael Cole REALLY have a victory over Jerry Lawler?) and is essentially an elaborate stage play. They could have simply recast the role of Paul Bearer, which isn’t unprecedented as Smash of Demolition wasn’t always portrayed by Barry Darsow, but they chose to acknowledge the death of the man synonymous with the character and give the character closure.

  • I think anything WWE has done when somebody died or had a heart attack is too far

  • Chris

    I didn’t find anything particularly disresepctful, but I would have much preferred Kane and Undertaker left to pay their on-screen respects properly to close the show.