What You Didn't See On WWE Raw Supershow - Triple H Pedigrees The Miz; Big Johnny Appears

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- Triple H appeared during the commercial break after Daniel Bryan & AJ Lee vs. The Miz & Eve Torres on this week's Raw Supershow. After the match, Miz called for a "boss to come out" so he could complain. Hunter came out and hit the Pedigree.

- John Cena b. Big Show & Tensai in a 2-on-1 handicap match in a dark match main event. John Laurinaitis accompanied Show and Tensai as Cena was victorious after pinning Tensai.

  • Logan_Walker

    Once Again Is Him (Triple H) Coming Each Week Meant To Build His Character for His Match At Summerslam Vs Brock Lesner

  • _JIM_

    Is it just me or did Miz look like he’s dropped quite a bit of weight last night? I didn’t see the PPV so I haven’t seen Miz for awhile. I’m not sure if it was just a lighting issue

  • _JIM_

    My bad, accidentally hit publish. As I was saying, I haven’t seen him for awhile so I don’t have anything to compare what he looked last night to. His face looked very thin to me, but like I said it could’ve just been how the ring was lit last night. I’ve thought the same thing about Jack Swagger lately also.

  • Ellen

    Johnny Laryngitis and Tensai are getting reeeeeeeeeally old – poor Big Show being relegated to holding up the pathetic storyline involving these two. Show was already out of breath after his match with Punk. It's time for WWE to elevate some of their lackluster Superstars to heel, and save some money by getting rid of the excess.

  • JohnnyD

    You aren’t the only one noticing the changes on the Miz.

  • buddah5050

    Triple H is the biggest duchebag! What does him pedigreeing Miz do? What a clown!

  • Mary

    Jericho looks like he lost some weight and he looked tired.

  • Jay Riverz

    I thought Miz was gonna get the push he very much deserves. his MIC SKILLz overshadow 90% of the WWE and TNA. hes PROVED he has what it takes to carry the WWE title. AND he had been non-stop traveling around the world Promoting WWE AND did that God Awful The MARINE 3 Movie series(which with him, Might actually be good or at least better than John and Ted.) WWE dropped the ball yet AGAIN!!!!!

  • Moe

    I thought HHH should've Pedigreed Eve too.