What You Didn't See On WWE Raw

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After WWE stopped taping on Monday night, Team Dolph Ziggler chased CM Punk out of the ring. John Cena and Ryback cornered Cody Rhodes, Cena hit You Can't See Me and Wade Barrett connected with an elbow.

Cena handed the mic to Barrett and raised his arm. Wade cut a promo to a huge babyface reaction. Ziggler interrupted the promo and took an Attitude Adjustment from Cena as a result. Cena gave the mic back to Barrett, who said he will kick Sheamus' arse on WWE Main Event.

  • Lloyd clarke

    It was huge!! I still had BARRETT BARRETT BARRETT ringing in my ears when i got back 🙂
    He seemed to enjoy though

  • Mark3man

    I loved it when watching and all the Engerland chants started during barrets match. That’s what we chant at football matches (soccer) and I’m guessing Barrett will of loved it.

    • Ken

      Will of loved it. Yep, you're a Brit alright. ; )

  • Patrick Peralta

    HE could be a good Face when time comes to turn him.

  • Kevin

    So they bring Barrett back with the Barrett Barrage, then just turn him face out of nowhere?