What You Won't See On Smackdown, More Photos, WWE's Attempt To Hide Low Attendance

After this week's WWE Smackdown taping ended, Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton in the dark match main event. Bryan played to the crowd to send them home happy.

The big story coming out of the taping was quite simply the fact that no one was there. The taping was very poorly attended, just days after the Miami Heat filled the Sprint Center [in Kansas City, MO] to capacity for an NBA preseason game.

Below are some more photos that Ryan Gray snapped and sent to me:

WWE production moved fans throughout the taping in order to try and make the arena appear more full. Ryan informed me that even in the main event that WWE was moving audience members so they could go wider with their camera shots.

  • Tom Lee

    Boring … Wwe have to bring out something new…

  • DL1991

    You should come to the UK Richard, this is how all smackdown events are.

  • TheBigKing1


  • Chris

    Poor attendance, but check the first pic…at least Undertaker was watching

  • Scott Davies

    Kansas City is a hot bed Wrestling town too. I bet Vince will overhaul Smackdown

  • So when I was Smackdown tonight, the lights are going to lowered like I see in those pics, and there’s going to be a lot of crowd dubbing.