What You Won't See On Smackdown, Wrestlemania Bigger Than The Super Bowl

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What You Won't See on Smackdown

After the cameras stopped filming at this week's Smackdown taping, WWE Champion John Cena and Team Hell No beat The Shield via disqualification in a dark match main event. The match was thrown out when Roman Reigns hit Cena with a chair.

After the match, the babyfaces hit their finishers on the faction. Cena cut a promo for his hometown crowd and Fandango's entrance music was played. Fandango came out and corrected Cena on the pronunciation of his name. This resulted in Fandango getting a chokeslam from Kane, an Attitude Adjustment from Cena and a chokeslam from Bryan to end the taping and send the crowd home happy.

Wrestlemania A Bigger Show Than the Super Bowl

ESPN New York has a new commentary online recapping Wrestlemania 29 from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. WWE's Kevin Dunn gave his honest opinion of how the show compares to the Super Bowl:

"Frankly, our event is bigger than the Super Bowl," said Kevin Dunn, WWE executive vice president of television production. "I'm very confident that when you go to a WrestleMania, you will see a bigger show than the Super Bowl."

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Kevin Dunn is a douche bag. Where is Jim Cornette when you need him?

  • Loren Goldstein

    I didn’t know that Bryan had added the chokeslam to his move set. Seems a little on the smaller side to pull that move off if you ask me.

  • lee

    The Super Bowl is bigger and better than Wrestlemania. We don’t know the outcome of the Super Bowl like we do with every PPV that the WWE Does?

  • John

    WrestleMania is a special event, but their is nothing like the Super Bowl. It’s the greatest show on earth!

    • Smart Mark

      How the hell is the Superbowl the greatest show on Earth when its only popular in America you conceded twat.

      • John

        Bullsh*t! I’m not American & i’ve been watching American Football for some 15+ years! Just because its seen as an American sport, don’t just assume its only American that enjoy it!

        The Superbowl is a far bigger event than WrestleMania.. It’s ridiculous to even suggest otherwise.

  • jamie uk

    wrestlemania is bigger outside america, as we mostly dont care for the superbowl. so I can see his point

  • I won’t see any of it cause this wonderfull sight shows me spoilers so I don’t have to waste the time

  • All the big show don’t have the feel anymore the Super Bowl will always be bigger but it doesn’t have the awe and it doesn’t take over anymore

    • Smart Mark

      Flying Goat

  • Mark McGinnis

    The super bowl is bigger in America while wrestlemania is bigger around the world. It just depends where you are at.