What You Won't See On This Week's Smackdown

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After this week's Smackdown taping ended, John Cena b. Big Show & David Otunga in a dark match main event. The finish saw Cena duck the WMD and send Show to the outside before pining Otunga for the win.

  • Anand

    How many times will WWE have the same dark-match main event? In the past few weeks it has always been Cena Vs Show or Tensai along with Otunga & Laurinits…. Thank god they are not boring the TV audience with this every week 🙂

    • mstr_greedy_x

      I believe dark matches are ok but they are way better when they repeat it over and over again

    • Pascal

      You clearly don't understand the concept of dark matches

  • Simon

    The reason behind dark matches is not only to send the fans home happy with something a little extra, thus putting Cena in a match at a smackdown taping, but also to let the guys in the ring work out some spots and get a feel for things leading into the PPV, if they put Big Show in matches on TV against Cena it would destroy any anticipation that I guess some people may have for the PPV (even if some of us have seen that match up many a time before)