What You Won't See On This Week's Smackdown

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Below is what you won't see on this week's Smackdown:

  • Triple H came out during one of the commercial breaks and gave David Otunga a pedigree.
  • Jerry Lawler appeared at one point, hitting a top rope fist-drop on Jack Swagger.
  • After the taping concluded, John Cena beat Big Show & Tensai in a dark match main event.

You can read full Smackdown taping results by Brooks Oglesby at this link.

  • Logan_Walker

    Why Does Triple H Keep Coming Out Week After Week to Give Pedigrees ?

    • Anand

      I would love to see him do the same on TV as well 🙂 He needs to be on TV more often

  • Kevin

    It's pretty much all he has left, Logan. He's getting too old to go anymore.

  • Wow cena really beat show and tensai

  • yesyesyes

    Why does Cena keep going against big show & Tensai In handi cap matches? They have had like 20 dark matches already. What’s your thougts on that Richard?