What You Won't See This Week On Smackdown - Funny Rib Played On WWE Ring Announcers

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Lilian Garcia inadvertently announced Zack Ryder as "The Long Island Iced Z… Jack Swagger" at last night's Smackdown taping in Newark, New Jersey. After the taping ended, John Cena came out with Ryder and Tony Chimmel and ripped Lilian for getting a local's name wrong. Cena asked Chimmel to properly introduce Ryder. Production ribbed him by cutting off his mic several times.

Cena went on to face Kane in a dark match main event after announcing Ryder himself.

After the match, Cena, Lilian, Chimmel and Ryder went to the corners of the ring to end the taping.

  • Philip Thompson

    Lilian makes way too many mistakes – and it's not just that she messes up, I get the impression that she doesn't know the product and I think there are many people who'd love to work in WWE who love the product and know it inside out. Perhaps Justin Roberts and Tony Chimmell aren't very good at singing American The Beautiful though – so I have no problem with Lilian coming in to sing a song, but that's where it ends – I know she has a good voice for it, but she really just needs to know her stuff, and she doesn't. I think that at a RAW they should have a battle royal with 40 random starts from the last 40 years and she has to introduce all of them as they come out, without being given any details in advance about who they are – that'd test how well she knows the product – I'm not harsh, she wouldn't need to know their weight – just their name/gimmick and where they hailed from when in WWE or WWF.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      who in this world hasn't made a mistake once in a while. you can know every single wrestler backstage lncluding those not on RAW or Smackdown and only show up on NXT or Superstars and get a name wrong once in a while. it happens.

    • Matt Scott

      So you could name 40 guys from the past 40 years could you? Shut up, Phillip. I actually asked her on Twitter why she came back and he response was simple; "I missed you guys". You are aware she was a ring announcer for RAW for YEARS!? You're knowledge of the product is apalling so how dare you call someone else on it.

      • James

        @Matt Scott, if you ever been to a live event, you would see she has a binder to look at who is on the card and finding out the persons name, nickname, weight, bill. All she has to do is remember it for a minute or two while she is in the ring. Not difficult, maybe for you it would be.

        • Matt Scott

          You wonder why!? When she makes a bloody mistake she gets ribbed for it and has her knowledge questioned?! So you can, right now, tell me Yoshi Tatsu's weight? Tyson Kidd? Tyler Reks? Curt Hawkins!? I really doubt it. I'd love to see any of you people calling her on it stand in front of 15,000 people and remember a whole roster. Probably difficult. So stop being such a smug little asshole and realise it's not as easy as it looks.

        • Matt Scott

          And for "not difficult" if you click reply you don't have to address the person you're replying too…

  • Chris

    Mistakes happen….Get over it….The 'Voice of WWE' (Not my words) Michael Cole was talking it about 'Kofi Rhodes' a few weeks back…it happens…chill out

    • Odi

      I’d rather see Santino as WHC than DBry.And ROH isn’t owned by WWE idiot,so they don’t soohce whether they go on TV or not.Ppl like you think ROH is this amazing wrestling company,when ROH is a wannabe TNA,or a glorified FCW/OVW

  • Fifth Horseman

    I never heard Gordon Solie or Jim Ross make mistakes like Cole does – he is a disgrace to the product. Even Lance Russell, Eric Bischoff or Lord help me Tony Shiavonne would be better than Cole or the semi literate ex-con Booker T.

    • Cain Velasquez ( pronounced VEL-AS-KEZ) .. world tleearvr man, huh? Anyways, Brock Lesnar isn’t going to do roman simply because that’s not his forte. Brock, if you watched his college wrestling videos, is extremely defensive. He’s a staller, waiting for the other to make a mistake instead of being on the offensive. Now in the MMA, with few fighters with the same caliber of wrestling, he’s more aggresive and takes down everyone. He meets some1 who is great at wrestling and young, NOT READY

  • Frenchfry

    announcers are people too

  • Erik Draven

    Oh where is Howard Finkel when we need him…?

  • jharris

    @Fifth Horseman really “semi literate ex-con Booker “..what the hell did he do…but provide us with a laugh or 2

  • Mike

    I live right near tonys wife she is the hair dresser at the mall in Pottstown pa

  • Captain Booger

    First off, Lillian doesn't make that many mistakes, and of the ones she has, they were usually misinformation supplied to her.

    Beyond that, this sounds as if this could just be some sort of lame storyline. A feud between Lillian and Chimmel. Isn't it ALWAYS Cena who has to come out to be "the voice of knowledge and reason" ? Then has to insult whoever he's directing his ranting towards (I thought 'respect' was part of his moniker).

    Yep, just a storyline. If Cena is about to start showing his over-exposed mug whenever a ring announcer makes a supposed mistake, then he's overstepping his bounds and needs to chill out.

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