What's Next For The Miz, Masked Kane, Turning John Cena Heel, CM Punk's Character

With WWE breaking up Awesome Truth, what's next for The Miz?

The plan to break up Awesome Truth was last minute as I had heard prior to Monday's Raw Supershow there were plans to keep them together. It was pretty common knowledge that R-Truth was also seen smoking Spice, so apparently WWE decided to go into a different direction. The Miz is a main event talent on Raw and I look for him to be booked in another top feud.

Kane masked or unmasked - which do you prefer?

WWE hurt the Kane character when they took the mask off it. The company had an angle in place to bring him back under the mask a few years ago but when it leaked online, WWE blew it up. Given the new return trailer, it looks like there are once again plans to bring back masked Kane. The mystery of Kane without the mask is lost so hopefully he'll have another good run with it.

Am I the only one who thinks that if the WWE writers have any sense, they will have John Cena go over dirty on The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVIII, going for the full heel turn therefore passing the torch and giving Cena absolutely atomic heat from the fans for the foreseeable future? What are your thoughts?

You are absolutely not the only one and many people have suggested this same scenario. The problem is, it's not the call of the writers and it's going to come down to Vince McMahon. While McMahon has considered a Cena heel turn over the years, he's backed out at the last minute. Some type of character progression needs to take place with The Rock not returning full-time so hopefully we will see it. McMahon is not cluing the writers in on what he plans on doing at this time. As you can imagine this is making things increasingly frustrated for the creative team to book.

Do you think after the success of CM Punk as a babyface he'll ever go back to a heel?

CM Punk is like Randy Orton in that he can work as a loved babyface and a hated heel. His opinionated personality helps him get over as both. WWE is going to ride his latest babyface turn out but he could be successful as a heel again.

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  • JKA

    They could do something with the Rock v Cena match like the main event of Rock v Stone Cold at WrestleMania 17. When Stone Cold "sold" out and joined forces with Vince. Cena could do the same with Vince or even Laurinatis

  • Jason

    I still remember when they tried to turn Shawn Michaels heel a few years ago by putting him with JBL and no one would bite! Then there was the idea of turning Rhodes and Dibiase face and keeping Orton heel, which backfired as well and the opposite happened. The issue with Punk, he has become so loved as a "heel-face" as I call him, he can come out and badmouth all he wants and people will still love him!

    • urnemystic

      They didnt turn hbk heel, he lost a match where he had to become jbls servant.

      • Jason

        Right, but the angle they did it with seemed to me like they were trying to get the crowd to turn on him.

  • Hello

    R-Truth's smoking habit

  • Eloy

    Nah, I thought they lost their chance at SS, they could have had Cena turn full heel and join miz and r truth, only to have both of them attack r truth on raw and creating a new stable with Miz and Cena.

  • inyourface

    and no he didnt loose a match he supposedly became broke and had to work for him and do jbl bidding

  • Jaryd

    I think the Cena heel turn at WM is the best idea but the fact it's such an obvious one worries me that Vince won't do it because we're half expecting it (although ever turning him heel would be a surprise). Also I was thinking, Vince turned Stone Cold heel when having him heel didn't even make sense, and also Rock was heel at the end of his full-time career and those guys both had a lot more fans and therefore pushing more merchandise than Cena considering there were like 2 and a half times as many people watching then.

  • joe

    really? i think orton is terribel as a face

    • Jim P.

      I wouldn't say he's "terrible" as a face. The problem is that he's the same. He's booked against heels, but there's no real change in the character.

  • Silver

    I will only approve of a Cena heel turn if it's done correctly, and by that I mean he needs to bring back the lock and chain and knock out The Rock with it at Wrestlemania.

  • Miguel Hofilena

    I notice, seeing john cena's eyes that he gets affected when booed by the crowd, especially at survivor series when he partnered with the rock against the miz and rtruth. And it seems to me that he really is genuinely affected by the crowd's boo'es over him, and not scripted like some of us think.. The problem is that the harder he tries to be a good guy the more people dislike him.. HE TRIES TOO HARD TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE HIM, HE'S SORT OF LIKE BECOME A PEOPLE PLEASER.. a person who is too dependent on other people's approval… It make's him seem weak and pathetic because of this.. Stone cold steve austin became famous because of his " I don't care if you hate me, I don't care if you like me attitude".. I think cena's character should also start having this…

  • cristina

    If I hear one more thing about Cena turning heel I'm going to scream. Fans want it, WWE doesn't..bottom line our opinion means squat. At this point I think we all have a better chance of simultaneously winning the Powerball lottery than we have of seeing Cena turn heel. I think it's bad judgement on Vince's part because Cena would still draw regardless, but like I said I'm just a fan so my opinion doesn't matter. Now back to Kane. I see no point in putting the mask back on him. That'd be like unwrapping your Christmas present, peaking in the box and re-wrapping it. You already know what's inside so the mystique is gone. They might as well just leave Kane unmasked. The only thing is he needs a personality tweak. Less the lovable giant, and more the ruthless monster like he was for his last WHC run. Perhaps use the ruthless monster gimmick to go to war with Mark Henry.

    • Seach

      If I hear one more person bringing up about the Cena/Rock match is passing the torch, I will blast that person with a shockwave. Seriously. STFU!!

  • Miguel Hofilena

    In my opinion, the problem with cena's charachter is that he's like an insecure highschool student who tries too hard to gain attention, trying too hard to be liked by everyone. There's a rule that the harder you try to be liked by everyone the more it turns off people around you. Cena's charachter should start showing more strength and more conviction in his charachter and not some weakling and a doormat who always does what other's want and trying to please everybody. He's like a geek trying to gain the girl's attention.
    His charachter should stop trying to be liked by everybody, he should stop trying too hard to be the good guy and just do whatever it takes and focus on getting back the title and destroying anyone who get's in his way. This is the best direction he should take in my opinion…….

    • Finly36

      .????? One problem he can't be the geek looking for the girls because he already has the girls!!!!

  • Jeff Ono

    Why do you guys come up with these fantastical visions of Cena turning heel. Vince loves Cena and the Rock. He wants the faces to co-exist in the buildup, knowing that it will keep fans buzzing and add new PPV buys. He knows that Cena will be booed by everyone in Miami, and he's fine with it. Turning Cena heel at WrestleMania is a financially moronic idea — there's no shock value when he'll already be booed, and it's financial suicide to defer to Punk and Orton as the merchandise leaders. Whether you like it or not, Vince cares most about families in the "WWE Universe" (cheesy name, I agree)… he knows that the hardcore fans will ultimately watch his product if, for no other reason, to boo Cena and the PG programming. Someone cited the Michaels and Hogan heel turns as being most memorable, and that's true. But those moves were financially necessary. Michaels either needed a different look in order to be marketable. Hogan was losing traction as a face because his character was static for over a decade. Cena is not losing traction nor does he need a new look to be relevant/marketable. So, anyone who thinks that WM 28 will be anything other than the Rock passing the proverbial torch to John Cena (with a clean victory) is clearly delusional. And for all of you who chant, "You can't wrestle" to any of these guys is a joke. There are maybe 5-10 wrestlers in ALL of WWE and TNA combined that can technically wrestle. Kurt Angle and Jack Swagger would destroy Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold and CM Punk in a straight wrestling match. It IS sports entertainment… because if it were REALLY about wrestling, then none of these guys would have a job.

  • what i think wwe and vkm and even us fans need to do is start to re-evaluate what a heel and a face is in the year 2011…..the main face of a company should be a polarizing figure that not only the kids can get behind but also us adults and yah its hard to find that guy, …..ultimately its us the fans who should decide who we cheer and boo, wwe should do some research on crowd reaction and maybe do the booking based on that research, maybe start with the most booed and most cheered and go from their, start from scratch…idk…just an idea…might not work but they gotta do something we all know cena is supposed to be the top baby face but he is about to get booed out of the building at the biggest wrestling event of the last 10 years and whos to say he wouldnt get booed out of the building if he was wrestling someone else??

  • Rated r dj

    Im so fed up of cena I totaly agree with dreambooker on how should turn the boaring 5 moves rock wannabe fool which others know him as john cena. He has been the face but time is up your in ring work is so awfull that I now fast forward when he is on raw, your mic work is desperate the miz is so much better than cena in everyway, sheamus is getting the spotlight he deserves cm punk is now the money machine and face of wwe as if you look at the crowds at raw there are now more cm punk tops than cena. Evan wade barrett work is looking so much better than cena. Best thing that could happen at wm is the rock destroys cena which sends cena over the edge he flips out at fans and completly turns heel and a possible feud with triple h, cena vs the company

  • Kevin

    Whatever happened to the days when we had guys like Dirty Dutch Mantel? He was a guy who rode the middle: he was neither heel nor babyface. He would wrestle anyone as long as it lead to a title shot. Kind of like Cena is now. He gets boos and cheers. They should work that angle and let him have a storyline with heels and faces.

  • Big Jimmy

    Not keen on Kane reprising the mask. The thing that made it work was his long hair and from his latest pics, he appears to be balding. Hopefully they can give it a modernized design to fit his current situation. Otherwise, he'll wind up looking like Vader.

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