What's Next For Lesnar, WWE Title Run For RVD?, R-Truth's Booking, Cesaro's Future

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With Brock Lesnar in the midst of the biggest push of his career, do you see WWE being crazy enough to blow the opportunity? Wouldn't you say it's essential he go over in several of his upcoming matches?

One of the reasons why I was initially against Brock Lesnar ending the streak was a lack of confidence in WWE creative to handle booking him forward (my stance has  since changed). While Brock is 5-2 since returning to WWE in 2012, I cannot get the loss to John Cena in his first match back at Extreme Rules 2012 out of my mind. That was one of the worst creative calls in WWE history. It still boggles my mind why WWE chose to put Lesnar under to Cena when he came in as the hottest name in pro wrestling and MMA circles. Moving forward, it's imperative that WWE books Brock with the upmost confidence and protects him to the fullest extent. Yes, I believe it's absolutely essential that he goes over in his next several programs and eventually provides a payoff to an up and coming talent that has the potential to be a megastar. In short, I believe Brock Lesnar needs to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion by Wrestlemania 31 next year.

Do you see Rob Van Dam getting on final run as WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Anything is possible but I do not see Rob Van Dam getting another run as WWE World Heavyweight Champion due to the short-term nature of his contract. His new deal calls for him to work through SummerSlam, so he's very much a short-term option. Vince McMahon is high up on RVD and I expect him to be booked as an upper level mid card talent.

Do you think R-Truth is getting frustrated by the way he's booked in WWE?

R-Truth is 42 years old and in the position where he can help up and coming talent. I suppose he could get frustrated but I'm not sure what good that would do him. Not everyone can work in the top of the card and the fact of the matter is R-Truth still gets on television and booked for live events. To expect much more at this juncture of his career is probably unrealistic.

With Cesaro out of the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament, what's next for him?

The first order of business for Cesaro was to blowoff his underlying feud with Jack Swagger, which is why he wasn't put over to win the No. 1 Contender Tournament for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. That blowoff could have happened at last week's Smackdown taping, where Cesaro went over Swagger clean with the Neutralizer. It's certainly possible that WWE stretches that program out through Extreme Rules next Sunday but whatever happens next, the future is bright for Cesaro.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2012: Does CM Punk have a real problem and animosity against The Rock? - CM Punk, like many other workers in WWE, has legitimate beef with how The Rock is able to come in as a part-timer, dominate the spotlight for a select number of appearances and leave only to return and do it again. Many, if not most, of the workers that are on the road 300 days out of the year feel the same way. However, the stuff that is likely to be used on WWE programming will be “turned up” a couple notches to get it over in storyline. As for my thoughts, if a worker gets over and draws, they should be able to do so. I have no problem with part-time talent if they create interesting and compelling programs. Rather than criticize the part-timers, I feel people like CM Punk should try and become bigger stars to where there is no need to utilize past stars. Do you think either The Rock or Steve Austin needed Hulk Hogan to come in and sell pay-per-views?

Update: I know I have to be careful when I’m critical of Punk but let me try a second attempt to clarify my point. The Rock, Steve Austin, Mick Foley and D-Generation X were responsible for defeating WCW in the height of the Monday Night Wars. They drove ratings, pay-per-view buyrates and merchandise sales that ultimately sent a billionaire in Ted Turner scrambling to unload the money hole WCW had become. For those talking about Wrestlemania 18, upon which point Hulk Hogan returned to face The Rock, this was AFTER the war had been won. The Attitude Era ended in March 2001 when McMahon purchased World Championship Wrestling.

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  • Parth

    I guess brock is 5-2

    • Yes – my fault – Brock is 5-2 since returning to WWE in 2012. Updated.

    • Slay

      Brock Lesnar’s win/loss record is irrelevant because Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak, Brock Lesnar conquered the streak…………

  • Gary Robert

    go over in his next “several programs?” He works one, maybe two programs a year so to follow through on that quote will take close to several years, as well.

  • packerpf

    I absolutely hate that Cesaro is going to feud with swagger..i was so happy when he finally dropped that dead weight and got in a title picture he deserved. Now he needs to finish swagger at Extreme Rules and get back on the title run.

    • K!NG

      He’s not going to feud with swagger i see what happened on monday leading to a match w RVD as heyman and RVD have history.

      • packerpf

        lol he’s definitely feuding with swagger…swagger has interfered in several matches and eliminated cesaro from the title tourney..they’ll start having matches now to establish it as a feud..

  • I think Brock lost to Cena when he initially came back so Vince could humble him. Vince is notorious for not letting people of superstardom outside WWE become cannon fodder for a bit when they’re back. I agree, Richard, that Lesnar should be champ by Mania next year. He’s got the momentum and could pull off some amazing programs with some of the top guys.

    • Guest

      But they admitted that that was a mistake they made…and they said they should have booked Lesnar over instead.

      But I think it was more about Cena, and wondering if Cena should get another big loss at that time…thats why Lesnar always got the upperhand on TV, but loss the actual match, imo.

  • Bill Krow

    As much as i like RVD, he is looking like his time is coming to an end. He’s appears to to be shrinking in muscle, and seeing him flushed, and exhausted in his match with cesaro, he looked to be at his limit last week as cesaro looked good to go another match….

    • David F

      The guy has been wrestling for very long time. Its understandable if he looks flushed and exhausted at his age. RVD is legend though and he can go out on his terms. I am sure he will have some sort of Hall of Fame induction with his contribution to ECW.

      • Bill Krow

        I agree, no question he will be in the hall of fame and he deserves it. Just saying he’s better off with the short term contracts, just doesnt look like he has another title run left in him sadly.

    • Parthesh

      I hope we do get to see a title run with RVD. Even a US title run would be great too….

  • Justin

    RVD is my favorite wrestler. I think that he should have been more popular than he is. Still, I agree with Richard that it’s highly unlikely that RVD will win the heavyweight championship again.

  • Parthesh

    Dont u guys agree that Cesaro’s music sucks??
    I was really hoping for sth much more interesting….

  • Eyesores

    How could they used R-Truth to put talent over when he still has more to accomplish in his WWE career he didn’t win enough titles so he could put someone over he was one time US champ and one time tag team champ he has more to accomplish and it’s getting repetitive that the media keeps mentioning his age when he does more in the ring for his age he is example age doesn’t matter