WHC Or TNA Title?, Briscoes/WWE, Vickie Guerrero & Brad Maddox, Pushing The Usos

Obviously the WWE Championship is the number one title in wrestling right now, however, what do you consider the #2 title in wrestling? The World Heavyweight Championship or TNA Championship?

Yes, you are correct in that it is beyond obvious the WWE Championship is the number one title in wrestling, however, the latter poses an interesting question. Is WWE's second title more prestigious than the TNA Championship? WWE is much bigger than TNA and watched by many more people, however, the world title isn't what it once was. Let's look at the incumbent champions - Bully Ray (TNA Champion) and Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Champion). If you were a promoter, whom would you pick to oppose your top babyface? I feel Bully Ray is one of the best heels in the business right now and would pick him. Does that mean the TNA Championship is of more value than the World title?

Will the Briscoe Brothers come to WWE as the characters they currently portray or will they get new gimmicks?

First of all, the Briscoe Brothers do not have deals with WWE. There was interest in the past but right now, no deal is on the table. Hypothetically, if they did get signed, they would likely be sent to WWE NXT where they would be seasoned and prepared for a run on the main roster. Many times workers receive a makeover in developmental, only to get another one after a main roster call-up. There is no way to speculate until the situation actually happens. Right now, this question is premature.

What do you think of Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero?

First let me talk Vickie Guerrero and then we'll shift to Brad Maddox. Vickie has been one of the most consistent heels in WWE for the past five years. I can't stress enough how good her mic work is to continuously get over without wrestling. This is an extremely difficult thing to do and she deserves a ton of credit. As for Brad Maddox, there's something about him that is intriguing. I don't think his money is in the ring but on the mic. He has a quirky personality that is perfect for a heel in this business.

What do you think of The Usos getting pushed?

Jimmy & Jey Uso have a great look, work well together and are one of the better tag teams in WWE. My fear is pushing them out of the gate against The Shield. This is booking backwards as The Shield has already gone over top WWE stars successfully. So this creates a dilemma. Putting the Usos over The Shield invalidates major wins. However, putting the Usos under kills a push out of the gate. While there's no shame in losing to the dominant Shield, it doesn't exactly build momentum either.

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  • Darth Watchdog

    Brad Maddox reminds me of a young Eric Bischoff.

    • coodakarri116

      Agree I been thinking that since I saw him in wwe, he could have a role just like him from his days of wcw.

    • Smart Mark

      If you’ve ever watched TNA then you will see that Eric Bischoff’s son; Garrett Bischoff and Brad Maddox actually look like twins lol you sould check it out.

  • Spike westphal

    With the usos why don’t they book them to win the match either by count out or a dq that way both sides look good

  • Edward Beedle

    honestly I think the Briscoes would fit better in TNA because they can be more like they were in Ring Of Honor gimmick wise.

  • John

    Maybe Roman Reigns will turn on The Shield and join forces with his cousins???? Ok, maybe not!

    As for The Briscoes, i agree that they would be a better fit for TNA than WWE.

  • Chris

    Are you seriously comparing TNAs heavyweight title WWEs WHC???? LMAO!!! TNAs heavyweight title doesn’t even compare to the defunct European Title!!! Fact!!!

    • pow

      Alberto Del Rio is a far better heel then Bully Ray will ever be.Once again Richard this shows how much you don’t know about the wrestling business.

      • opie

        Can you teach me to troll?

      • Robert Olley

        Explain that comment please bully ray is the top heel in wrestlers atm his mic work is top notch adr is boring to watch both in and out the ring now

    • Some P Rick

      Well if YOU say “Fact!!!” then it must be true…

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    First of all MR Grey, if a question is premature or invalid or makes no sense why on earth would you even acknowledge it? This is why I stopped sending my questions because I always asked valid and sensible questions but would never get answered. But whatever, I do enjoy this column abd this site so contrary to what you might say “oh this guy is trolling” let me assure you I am not. Second, the Usos are being used as guinea pigs for the shield to give them even more credibility when or if they face the B.O.D. that way they can claim the shield has beaten “some of the top tag teams in wwe” blah blah blah. Usos, sorry about your DAMN luck!

  • Jbreed

    The WHC nowadays is given to midcarders to help elevate them to the main event level instead of guys who are already over. So the WHC is nothing more than a glorified Intercontinental title. The TNA heavyweight title instead goes to the top guy in what’s basically a bush league. So basically the titles hold the same value.

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      I agree! The world title has become what the IC title used to be back in the 80’s and early 90’s. that’s the workhorse title. While the wwe is the promote the company title.

  • Matt

    Everytime i see the WHC i remember the good ole days when Flair had that belt. I wish WWE would change the look of the WHC.

  • Mohan Ramnath

    bully vs rio bully is the better heel by far del rio cant intimidate honestly if he’s talking spanish or english i cant take him seriously.

  • Christian

    Richard please don’t ever compare bully ray and del rio again. The dudleys were great but del rio is on a different level

    • Smart Mark

      Different level as in he’s better than Bully or not as good as bully?

      • Christian

        As I’m del rio is better, both good but del rio is a master, just needs the right push

  • Stoney

    Bully Ray is an awesome heel, Alblando del boring is so painful to watch and listen to. He’s like the Mexican equivalent of Jeff Jarrett

  • steve pritchard

    I think the whc has more prestige due to the fact wwe is way more popular! Tna is currently a crappy copy of wwe and right now wwe isn’t close to what it used to be ! Dixie needs to step down and let someone with some sense run the company ! That company just keeps heading to the toilet and I think it’s just a matter of time before it tanks or someone steps in and takes over! Just the hire of hogan and bischoff should tell u Dixie has absolutely no idea what she’s doing!

  • Its just Teddy

    Would the IWGP Title not be the number 2 belt in the world? I believe it would be as it can be a true world title more so than the TNA belt. Just my two cents 🙂

  • Smart Mark

    Whenever i see the World Heavyweight Title belt i always think either Batista or Edge.

  • sir-rusty82

    Its obvious that They have Maddox paired with Vickie for him to learn from her & its also obvious that they are using the shield make the tag team division matter again. Its not wrestle mania season anymore so they are trying to build up the wrestlers that they have like what EVERYONE wants them to do

  • Robert Olley

    After jays homosexual comments in the past i seriously doubt wwe would ever hire them even though he apologised wwe likes its wrestlers to be less outspoken than that