When Rey Mysterio Took A WWE Wellness Test; What He Tested Positive For That Resulted In A 60-Day Suspension

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Rey Mysterio took a Wellness test backstage at the February 13, 2012 edition of Raw Supershow in his hometown of San Diego, California. The test came back positive for amphetamines and WWE notified Mysterio just a couple days ago he wouldn't be able to make his late-May/early-June return from knee injury because he would have to serve a 60-day Wellness Policy suspension.

Mysterio was reportedly confused about what caused the positive result and blamed it on a medication or supplement he had been taking. He denied knowingly taking any drugs that would have caused the positive test result but was unable to produce a valid prescription thus was suspended.

As noted earlier here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Mysterio was scheduled to go on a promotional tour of Japan next month for WWE but the company will be sending Alberto Del Rio instead.

  • havoc525

    Now, when.is Sin Cara expected back?

  • Anand

    If the test was taken in feb wouldn’t he have already serves his 60 day suspension?? Or is it from the day wwe informs the wrestler ?

    • Dunstan

      As far as I understand they do not get suspended right away. 1. It takes some time to get the results. 2. WWE seems to give some time to show a prescription and as it is a top worker, Mysterio may have been given more time

      • wnwdotcom2

        This is correct. Here's how it works:

        Wellness test > positive result > time for the worker to present their case/produce valid prescription > decision is made > if positive with an unsuccessful appeal, suspension is announced

        • Anand

          Thank you 🙂 appreciate the response. I did not know this.

  • Denny

    Thought that was it.

  • Shawn

    He sucks anyways. Not like his old self after all these injuries he’s just a waste of space on an up and coming roster. The only reason he’s on the roster is because of merchandise sales

  • James M>>>

    I do not feel bad in the least. He should know better and represent more respectably as the role model he is, or in my opinion, was.

  • Diddy

    Didn't he use the prescription excuse last time he got suspended and used that exact same excuse he should admit he is a drug addict and get help or they should fire his ass