When Will We See Undertaker Again, Nigel’s Retirement, Mouthpiece For Ryback, Defending Swagger

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Why is Undertaker not working Extreme Rules?

Undertaker is still a semi-retired pro wrestler that is basically Wrestlemania only. He stayed on a little longer this year to work Raw and Smackdown in London but it was just to help the company draw overseas with the lack of top talent. He was never in the plans for Extreme Rules although there was talk he could be contacted but to the best of my knowledge, he was not. Undertaker showed at Wrestlemania 29 [against CM Punk] he still has more left in the tank although I'm not sure we'll see him before Wrestlemania XXX next year. SummerSlam is a possibility but we'll have to wait and see.

Why did Nigel McGuinness retire from the ring?

Nigel McGuinness (a/k/a Desmond Wolfe) said he couldn’t make enough money outside of WWE to justify the physical toll that pro wrestling takes on his body so he made the decision to retire. He recently confirmed he's positive for hepatitis B but said he failed the WWE pre-screening process in 2009 because of damage to his biceps. Wolfe is 37-years-old and had a career that he can be proud of.

Everyone knows Ryback could use a manager or mouthpiece and often Paul Heyman is suggested but he has Lesnar and Punk already. Why not pair Ryback with John Laurinaitis or even Kevin Nash?

I agree that Ryback would benefit from a mouthpiece. He has a great look and getting help on the stick could greatly benefit him. WWE recently teased that Paul Heyman was actively pursuing a "third client," however, I'm not sure that wasn't just to draw page views and unique visitors to dot com. With that being said, Heyman is one of the best there is. Laurinaitis would certainly draw Ryback heat although another name you didn't mention that I think would be interesting would be Zeb Colter. I actually think Zeb is one of the best things going in WWE right now and he could certainly help Ryback. Kevin Nash is someone I haven't really thought about but I guess that could work as well. My question is how are they going to book Ryback at Extreme Rules on Sunday? Does he do another job? What exactly has he won that makes him a viable WWE Championship contender? I don't think people are interested in Ryback vs. Cena because Ryback hasn't been booked as a legitimate title contender.

Is there any chance Jack Swagger tried to intentionally harm other superstars in order to further himself or is he just not safe such as Lesnar and Ryback sometimes are?

There's no way Jack Swagger (or any worker for that matter) would intentionally go out and try and injure someone. Not only would that result in termination from WWE but that's a good way to get beat up behind-the-scenes. Injuries happen and are part of the business. Swagger had a rough week last week and is certainly fighting the "reckless" and "unsafe" labels, however, he didn't intentionally try to put a top guy on the shelf.

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  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Actually, Ryback has already beat Zack Ryder and that was viable enough as a WWE Title Contender especially against Cena.

  • Totally agree with what you said about “Zeb”. I can see him being on the creative team or a producer in WWE at some point. Never cared for his in ring, but booker, mouth piece, etc. Dutch is very talented.

    • Maybe it is because I grew up with it, but I always loved Dutch’s in ring work. And he definitely could be a huge asset to WWE on the creative team, but VKM would need to let him do his own thing, which we know won’t happen.

  • Thomas

    Undertaker has been my favorite wrestler of all time, kind of wished he didn’t cut the hair but seeing him do what he does at WM 29 is epic. Wish he could keep on going full time, but he’s not got nothing left to prove but he still draws a crowd no doubt about it.

    TBH, I honestly do not see Ryback pulling off a victory at ER. What I would LIKE to see, note the word “like” at the end of the match; Cena wins but punk comes out of nowhere and starts beating the crap out of him, followed by lesnar then out comes paul heyman and does the whole “this is the third guy” thing. Like I said, not likely to happen but it’d be interesting.

  • Undertaker can have great matches with anyone. Looking past CM Punk’s botches the match at WM 29 was very good. The best thing WWE can do is keep The Shield looking strong for an eventual Tag Title match at Summerslam versus Kane and Undertaker.

  • Jerry

    God, NOBODY likes Swagger. Give him up already. Even after all that free publicity he can’t hold a match. Some people just aren’t meant to be main events, and he’s the epitome of “not meant to be.”

    • Xavier

      Exactly, couldn’t agree more

      • Josh_rocker1

        Swagger is great in the ring. He can’t talk and I really hate the character, but because of his in ring work, I don’t mind him being in the main event. I’m personally a little pissed at him because I was really looking forward to seeing the ladder match live at extreme rules but in the end, he’s just having a stretch of bad luck.

    • Classic Swags is awesome. He can actually truly wrestle.

  • Xavier

    Why do people keep saying Lesnar is unsafe? Hardcore Holly completely tried to sandbag Lesnar back in 02, he really has himself to blame for breaking his neck. It was well known at the time that Hardcore didn’t like rookies.

    • cobra

      This is a direct quote from Hardcore Holly, “If Brock can belly to belly suplex Big Show over his head, do you really think I can sandbag Brock Lesnar…highly unlikely and impossible! Just a move that went wrong as moves do go wrong at times in pro wrestling.”

      • Xavier

        Oh trust me, I never said Holly did sandbag him. I said he tried to. Knowing Holly’s attitude towards rookies it wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case which lead to the botch

        • If holly didnt like rookies why has he nothing but good things to say about cm punk when he first worked with him in his book and in numerous jntefviews?

          • Xavier

            Punk wasn’t a rookie when he arrived in the WWE in 2006, he had been a Indy sensation for years. Hardcore has a bad history with rookies, which includes hazing & working very stiff with them in the ring. Just checkout some of his shoot interviews or go look at his actions on Tough Enough from several years back

          • I know but he was a wwe rookie i apologise i saw loads of his matches from roh before he came to wwe

        • Smart Mark

          Thats funny because when Cody Rhodes first came into WWE as a rookie, Hardcore Holly teamed with him to get him over and then went under to both Rhodes and DiBease to get them over as heels.

          • Xavier

            Didn’t Holly beat Rhodes like 4 or 5 straight times before all that happened? Oh and Holly doesn’t have final say on outcomes anyway.

  • cobra

    I couldn’t see Kevin Nash being a good manager like Zeb Coulter and Paul Heyman are. A manager’s job is to get the guy he’s managing over. I think Kevin Nash would make it more about him.

    • TheBigKing1

      Wrong! He got Punk over in their feud on the mic. He said himself that his goal was to get Punk over and make him look good. That’s why Punk always owned him on the mic. And of course he’s a big fan of Punk so of course.

  • Alexi

    Definitely agree that Zeb should ditch Jack “no personality” Swagger and become Ryback’s mouthpiece. The way the WWE tiltle match should end is have both men go down for the count out so Ryback could at least not have another loss and still look, somewhat, as a credible threat.

    • Matt

      Are you insinuating Ryback has a personality?

      • Alexi

        no but he has more of a one than Swagger (granted that’s not saying much) and is more credible than him.

  • jyd

    Maybe find a way to have Vikki and Rybek team up.

    • JimmyDean

      That would be awesome .. Vikki is HOT

  • John

    Ryback doesn’t necessarily need a mouthpiece.. He just needs to stop talking period! Seriously someone from WWE needs to be told to go watch how WCW build up Goldberg and take some notes. I’m not saying they should just rip off the Goldberg character, but why not take tips from a character that was very successful? One of the things that created such an aura around Goldberg was that he hardly ever spoke. It was only when they started to “humanize” him and made him talk more that the mystique wore off.

    Ryback’s career has gone in the total opposite of Goldberg’s.. Such a wasted opportunity for WWE.

  • Ive often wondered about nigel mcguiness his matches with bryan danielson are the best ive ever see