Where Chris Jericho Worked Off His Ring Rust; WWE's Possible Direction With His Character

-Wrestling News World reader Dustyn sent in the following tweet from former WWE Superstar Lance Storm, who runs Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

Since he's back yes @IAmJericho did come back and train with me at SWA. We spent a couple days in the ring including a 17 min match #norust

-For those who may have been unsure about the direction of Chris Jericho's character after his return on this week's Raw, the official WWE website posted the following about the return:

After weeks of cryptic “1-2-12” videos on Raw SuperShow, Chris Jericho made a shocking return and was warmly welcomed by the WWE Universe, greeting some with high-fives at ringside. As he urged them for more cheers, "#Y2J" instantly became the No. 1 worldwide trend on Twitter. But as the Superstar – who was dressed in a dazzling, light-up, blinged out jacket – prolonged his homecoming, the WWE Universe’s chants of “welcome back” soon turned to boos. A smiling Jericho exited without addressing the Memphis crowd, leaving the irritated WWE Universe wondering why he’s back.

  • bobcavic

    Interesting way to counter the ‘comeback = face’ thing. Too bad too, because I wanted Y2J to be a face this time around.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I have news for WWE I was not wondering why Jericho was back nor do I care if he is or not, and his return was not Shocking. WWE has lost their touch.

    from what I read on the blog the only interesting thing on RAW was

    1: Kane playing mind games with Cena

    2: the Daniel Bryan/Cody Rhodes match.

    3: the CM Punk/Ziggler match minus Johnny Ace getting involved. he is ruinied a good match between Punk and Ziggler.

    I'm not looking forward to Their Royal Rumble match now that Johnny Ace is involved.

    • Logan_Walker

      For me it was

      1. Kane Dragging Zack Ryder Back to his whole

      2. a Possible Fude Between Cody/Dustin

      3. CM Punk / Jonny Ace / Dolph Ziggler

  • snuggle

    He was a face the last time he returned and it didn’t work as well as him as a heel. Wwe needs top heels as they have enough top faces, orton, punk, cena, bryan, booker, hunter, ryder, truth. I agree they could’ve just brought him back as a heel in the first place but they did have everybody on the edge of their seats but I knew something was wrong when he kept stalling from talking and exciting the crowd than when he walked up the ramp again I said he playing with their emotions.

  • Gary

    Most uninteresting and boring return in WWE history. I actually fast-forwarded my DVR right through it as it got long and tedious.

    • Tomazo

      I do believe long and tedious was the point.
      And it was brilliantly done! I had a good laugh at that one!

    • Matt

      That’s because your simple mind won’t allow you too see the big picture

    • @RatedMKD

      If you were excited for Jericho's return, then his ploy worked brilliantly. Well, what I presume his ploy was, anyway…

  • PMB917

    Chris Jerico is an absolute genius. What a brilliant mockery of hype and flash but no substance. Messing with all the rubes was hilarious.

  • Thornhead

    You guys call Jericho genius for being annoying? How come no one talks like that about Michael Cole every week?

    • HATER

      Because Cole is annoying. Period!

  • AntGilroy

    You guys are crazy who say it was boring!!!! That’s entertainment at is best!! People like you are the reason wrestling got boring over the past few years cuz you don’t let anything develop an hate storylines and creative ability to tell a story.

  • Bruce

    Nice to see Y2j back-but the segment was 10 min of boredom-great bathroom break!!

  • spike westphal

    were can i get one off them jackets that chris jericho wore last night

  • larry

    i hate to say this but jericho's return is for thinking men/women, he trolled a crowd of like what 10 thousand. His clothes speak volumes , but if you dont get it u will, he wants u to hate him, he wants to say this is crap, he wants u to boo him. BEST IN THE WORLD AT WHAT HE DOES. PERIOD.

  • Old skewl fan

    what would have really topped off the Jericho thing was if in the middle of the 6man "main event" , they would of had someone announce that Jericho has left the building, especially since they were in Memphis, and they did the whole He's here video segment.

  • Motey

    I’ll b honest I was dooped from the get go, but as time went through I realized he was a heel b4 he left. So basically he wants to start where he left off. Boring but genius at PG work. AWESOME!!

  • Darren

    And pepole say TNA don't know what they are doing if WWE gets any more prodictable it would be painful i give up with wrestling the good days are long gone and are not coming back,for me it's UFC all the way in 2012

  • mickey

    Punk needs the mic to stir the pot…Jericho did it without the mic.. I am sure that this is why he did not speak one word yesterday!

  • sean

    Those idiot's who think the Jericho return was stupid and a waste of time need a braincell to keep the one they got company. It was skillfully done Y2J was winding up the crowd until all the cheers for his return had gone it worked perfectly. It worked perfectly because at first I was like YES! Y2J is back but then when he just milked the crowd for 10 minutes and left I was like wtf. But then i thought about it and realised it was pure genius you are all ticked off with him it's just what he wanted he is truly "the best in the world at what he does".