Where Was Big Show This Week?, Damien Sandow Speaks, McMahons To Repay Bankruptcy Creditors

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- Big Show was in Pittsburgh this week, taping an appearance for the Nickelodeon series "Supah Ninjas" that will return to the network in 2013. You can read more information on dot com at this link.

- Damien Sandow spoke to GoLocalWorcester.com to promote Sunday's WWE Raw live event this Sunday. You can read the interview at this link.

- Amid criticism during her race for United States Senate, Linda McMahon vowed that she and Vince are working to repay creditors from their 1976 bankruptcy. You can read full details by the Greenwich Time at this link.

  • Ken

    Okay, I knew the McMahons had financial problems early on, but I never knew they were in debt.
    The amount of money they have you'd think after 36 years they'd have cleared it.

    More bad news for Linda and her silly games of politics, I guess. I can't imagine anyone voting someone into office who's been in debt for 36 years and who's made no attempt to pay it off.
    It doesn't exactly scream financial responsibility, does it?

    Fingers crossed, Ken. Hopefully the nightmare will be over soon, she'll quit trying to play big girl games, and the WWE can get back to normal.

    • XKonn247

      Did you just refer to yourself by name?

      • Ken

        Yes, I did.
        Consider the last line to be internal dialogue spoken aloud.
        It's like if you're doing something, say cutting carrots, and you slip and slice your hand open, you'll swear and curse, and at some point you might say something aloud like "Ken, you stupid expletive, watch what you're doing next time."
        Or you could be running for a bus and saying "Come on, Ken, you can make it!"
        Or you could be pleasuring your partner and saying aloud "Yeah, Ken, you're the expletiving man!" (not that I do that, of course)

        Of course, if you're not called Ken that sounds pretty foolish, so feel free to insert any name you want in there instead of Ken. I'm sure you get the idea though.

        I tend to write longer posts, with sarcy humorous subtext. It doesn't always come across as intended.

  • Howard Stern

    I bet even Vince is starting to resent Linda.

  • Jeff

    Do you know the definition of bankruptcy? Depending on which type they did they may not have been required to pay them back at all. I believe the point is that they are doing so well now that they choose to pay them back. They don’t have to. The bankruptcy was discharged long ago.

    • If you actually read the d*** article, then you’d know that this isnt the case with this situation….

  • Boogermeister

    With all the lowlifes on the 'left' digging up dirt, Linda needs to watch her back. Of course, I'm not in favor of leaving old debts unpaid. However, I have a bigger problem with parasites who 'choose' to live off the government …. uh, or I should say, the taxpayers.