Where's Mason Ryan?, Commentary On Next Week's WWE TVs, JR Remembers Mike Graham, Seth Rollins In Egypt With WWE

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- For those wondering as to the whereabouts of Mason Ryan, he is featured in this week's episode of "Santino's Foreign Exchange" that you can watch at this link.

- Commentary on next week's WWE Raw will once again be handled by Michael Cole and Jim Ross. John "Bradshaw" Layfield will work the Smackdown taping on Tuesday night in Providence, Rhode Island.

- Speaking of JR, he has a new blog entry online where he remembers Mike Graham. Click here to read it.

- For those that haven't seen the house show results, Seth Rollins is in Cairo, Egypt with the WWE roster.

  • Kleck

    Mason Ryan fears the WWE Wellness Policy

    • Mitch


  • Ricky

    Main roster push for Rollins?

  • Andrew

    JR deserves this run as commentator. Keep him with cole and lawyer when lawyer returns

    • Immy

      Who’s lawyer?

    • Giovanni

      Its Lawler not Lawyer.

    • Darkstalker

      Jerry the King LawYer? Really? REALLY? REALLY!

      • Andrew

        Lawyer is my iPhone and my drunken state spelling of lawler

    • Chris

      Highly doubt it would happen, but I'd love JR and JBL back full time. Ideally, JR and King back on Raw when King returns, and Cole and JBL on Smackdown. I'd even settle for JR and JBL getting the Smackdown gig together.

  • Miles

    Other than that where is mason Ryan?

    • LIVHAY

      EXACTLY !!!???