Where's Santino?, Wrestlers Are Not Zoo Animals, Del Rio's Future, Steamboat's Back Issues

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What's the latest on Santino Marella?

Santino Marella has been off WWE television since the April 24th episode of WWE Main Event. While he was coming back from a neck injury, I'm under the impression that he's been away to open his new "Battle Arts Academy" in Toronto. The facility is set to open on July 1, 2013. As for Santino's return to WWE, the following is from his verified Twitter account:

Do workers get annoyed about constantly getting hounded by fans for photos and autographs or do they love the attention?

Wrestlers in WWE and TNA are just as human as anyone else and have normal human emotions. The biggest thing when seeking an autograph or a picture is to remember to be polite and not treat them as zoo animals. Most workers will be glad to accommodate a request as long as the aforementioned measures are taken. They are not obligated to sign autographs or take photos and it is essential to treat them with respect and decency.

What's Alberto Del Rio's future look like following WWE Payback?

Alberto Del Rio is in a good position in WWE. The company sees him as an integral piece to attracting the Latino demographic and WWE officials are pleased with how he's gotten over as a babyface. I do not expect him to go any lower than the upper mid card because of his current standing.

What happened to Richie Steamboat?

Richie Steamboat, signed to a WWE developmental contract, is currently out with a back injury. He's awaiting back surgery under the care of Dr. Joseph Maroon in Pittsburgh. The following is from his Twitter:

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  • illdecide

    I believe the correct answer to the Santino question was ‘who cares’

    • Santino is hilarious!

      • Jbreed

        Santino’s an idiot.

        • Santino is fantastic at what he does. He will never be a main event wrestler, but he has acting chops and comedic timing that few in the WWE can match. When handled correctly, Santino is stupendous, when used wrong – he’s a mess, the same as any other Superstar. I miss seeing him on tv regularly because he does make me smile and laugh. He’s also solid in the ring, though rarely given the chance to show it.

          • Jbreed

            Well there’s no doubt he is solid in the ring, and he is good at portaying the character he was given, but the latter is the problem. I hate goofy characters with goofy gimmicks in pro wrestling which is why I hate Santino Marella.

        • That’s kinda the point

    • Nostaljack

      I believe the correct response to your supposed answer is “fail”

  • If you’re a fan, you’re a mark

    I hope Mr. Steamboat is OK after back surgery. I’ve had three since 2008 and have yet to fully recover.

  • Scott Davies

    I’m going to say it. As a face or Heel. I don’t see Alberto Del Rio as a Main event guy. Him or Sheamus. Sheamus needs a heel turn though as he is better as a monster then a second line John Cena baby face.

  • Eddie Edwards

    Way to steal CM Punk’s “zoo animals” line

  • sheamus fan

    Richard when’s Brock Lesnar returning?

    • BobCobb

      Hopefully never

  • Jay

    Thanks for answering 2 of my questions Richard.