Which Jarrett Is Getting "Fired" From TNA Impact Wrestling Tonight (Spoiler)

Jeff Jarrett is expected to be "fired" in storyline at tonight's TNA Impact Wrestling taping per the storyline from last night's Final Resolution pay-per-view bout against Jeff Hardy (the stipulation was if Hardy went over Jarrett, either Jeff Jarrett or Karen would be fired). The storyline will air on this week's edition of Impact Wrestling

In reality, Jarrett is headed to India later this week as filming is set to begin taping on Thursday so the company is using the angle to write him off television. The stipulation was added to the match late Saturday night thus it wasn't promoted on TV prior to the pay-per-view.

  • Lucha_Libre

    Sting should fire Karen, then Jeff says he will quit if he does, then they both go

  • mathew30

    wouldnt this be the 2nd times hes being fired?

  • BigMike18

    I agree with Lucha they need to get rid of Karen b/c she’s hurting the Knockouts Division royally

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I agree with Big Mike, Karen is Ruining the Knockouts Division. so when Jeff gets fired take Karen with him.
      Goodbye and good Riddence.

  • Alex

    Wow, another storyline they couldn't do right. Of all three of them Double J was the one people wanted fired the least. It's Karen they want gone. TNA can't do anything right.

    • Bob

      Real life she is Karen Angle so no she won’t be gone. sadly.

      • mathew30

        erm didnt she get divorced from kurt and marry jeff, therfore she is no longer surnamed under "angle"

        • Mathew30isdense

          Dude, I hope you're like a little kid that doesn't know any better but if not I'll tell you a secret (wrestling is scripted)

          • Jason

            Wrestling is scripted, but divorce papers and marriage certificates aren't! She is legally married to Jeff!

  • Thomas

    Really hoping she was gone, I mean I'm all about hating on the bad people, it brings ratings. You watch them to boo them or to see them get their butts kicked. Karen is just annoying. Ah well, let's see whose face Roode will spit into this week

  • Ernest Holton Jr

    Don't Worry Y'all Sting Will Kick Karen Out Just Wait He Will Say Those Famous Words Karen Jarrett " YOUR FIRED" And The Fan Will Drown Sting In Cheers And Karen Will Be Drowning In Tears Of Her Own Self Petty Of All The Problems She Caused..