Which WWE Stars Have The Worst Taste In Music?

WWE stars talk about who on the roster has the worst taste in music in the latest episode of WWE Inbox. You can watch it embedded in the video below:

  • Leo Devlin

    The movie I’m ashamed to admit I loved is definitely the new Indiana Jones. Damn Licas and Spillberg rapped Indy but damn it I enjoy Spillbergs work. Still they rapped him those bastards!

  • Snap

    Naturally, musical taste is subjective as what is awesome to one could be garbage to another and neither opinion is wrong. My personal opinion, and I'll just put the disclaimer that this isn't just bashing, would be John Cena. The thing I dislike the most about Cena is actually his entrance music, which as we all know is one of his own songs. His previous theme was more tolerable, however. I cannot stand rap/hip hop/what have you so it evokes an entirely negative reaction.

    So… whatever peoples' musical taste, that's the beauty of headphones, you get to enjoy what you want while not subjecting everybody else to something they may not.

  • MaNou

    Obvious, Zack Ryder is the only one you can ENJOY sharing his bad taste…thats the difference