Who Came Up With CM Punk's NOC Ring Gear?; Hell In A Cell Rematch Against John Cena

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I'm told it was Paul Heyman that came up with CM Punk's New York Yankee pinstriped ring gear at WWE Night of Champions. Also, as noted in Ask WNW, the plan is to rematch Cena and Punk at Hell in a Cell next month.

  • whitethought_

    Being a New York native I popped for the pinstripes.


    I must say that was genius

  • Kleck

    Betrayed the Cubbies

  • CM Punk made a promo saying that “You like the red sox, like boston are no longer the underdogs; you’re a dynasty; you are what you hate, you have become the New York Yankees!!” having him wear that attire at NOC just made it more interesting.