Who Had The Most Wins & Losses On Raw In '12, More On Tyson Kidd's Injury, Presale Pass

- Arda Ocal sent in a great info graphic with full stats for WWE Raw from last year. Sheamus had the most wins with 76 while Dolph Ziggler had the most losses at 56. Take a look at it at this link.

- Brooks Oglesby recapped a dot com Q&A with Tyson Kidd at this link. In the article, WWE claims he'll be out six to eight months with ligament and meniscus tears in his right knee and a fracture in his tibia plateau. I was told directly from a WWE spokesman he has a torn meniscus and the company expected him out for 6 months.  Take from that what you will but there has been some clear miscommunication with the severity of this injury.

- The presale password for the March 16th WWE Raw live event in Providence, Rhode Island is WWEPROV. The presale starts Wednesday at 10 AM on Ticketmaster.

  • Chris

    13 matches of the 6 person tag persuasion, that should tell someone that it’s overdone and nobody cares about it.

    • Batman

      Why would 16 matches prove no one cares? And if 16 is overdone, 16 matches in 52 weeks, 16 matches in 117 shows, is overdone? Go learn what that word means.

  • Adam

    It looks like those stats are for each superstar in any match in 2012, not just on Raw

  • It says at the very bottom of the graph “Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, and PPV” matches.

  • BobCobb

    I wish arda would stick to making graphs. The score really needs to get him off tv. Aftermath is unbearable now. I sure miss Rene!!!

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Daniel Bryan sure got a great 2012 as well. He got a 41 wins and 41 lost in 2012.

  • Gary Robert

    I love how 2012 was a year they were building up Ziggler and yet hes got the most losses of anyone on the roster…and continues to lose on, what seems like a weekly basis, to Cena. Genius booking.