Who Is Cranky Vince?, Why The Miz Has Been Off WWE TV But Is Due A Push, Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero, WWE Interested In Don West?

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I heard the suspended Twitter profile "Cranky Vince" is ran by WWE employees. Is that true?

I know who originated the rumors that "Cranky Vince" is ran by WWE employees but I'm told that isn't the case. As I reported here on Richard's Backstage Blog, the account is ran by a former WWE wrestler who remains close with the company. There are a lot of people guessing who it is so I'm not surprised to see contradicting reports but of course I believe my sources over anyone else. Cranky Vince is alive and well as you can read more about that at this link.

What is going on with The Miz?

The Miz is currently away from WWE filming "The Marine 3: Homefront." I would expect another huge push for him when the film is released. You can keep up with The Miz on his official Twitter account.

Why did WWE decide on keeping Vickie Guerrero with Dolph Ziggler? Haven't they paid attention to the babyface chants?

I posted a detailed article on WWE rekindling Dolph Ziggler's "relationship" with Vickie Guerrero here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium. The WWE office still wants Ziggler as a heel and felt they could keep heat on him by having him aligned with her. For more, check out the aforementioned link.

Now that he's gone from TNA, do you see WWE being interested in bringing Don West in for commentary?

No, Don West took a job in marking with the Wenatchee Wild, a minor league hockey team. I do not see WWE interested in bringing him in for a position he didn't even hold for the past several years in TNA Wrestling. You can read more about West's new job at this link.

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  • smithmiester

    So who is cranky vince?

    • outkazt09

      John Cena

    • J-Dub

      We can all speculate and throw out names, like MVP, HBK ( who is the one I think it is), Flair, Carlito, Batista, and so many others. If I'd have to guess I would definitely go with HBK getting his info from HHH. There is also Kevin Nash who recently stated that social media is like his PS3. Can't wait to find out. Long Live Cranky Vince/ Premium Vince!

      • havoc525

        Anyone think of Sean Waltman?

        • J-Dub

          Oh Yeah! Good Call!

    • Howard Stern


  • craig

    did cranky vince change his user name or is it just locked down? i know wwecreative changed to @WWECreative_ish

  • MVP

    Face Dolph = YES

    • Phil

      YES YES YES!

  • Lenny

    Hahahaha that last question made laugh! First of all Don West does not even qualify to hold Mike Adamle’s microphone! Second, all he did was scream at the top of his lungs “YOU GOTTO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!” that’s all he did so to think wwe would ever be interested in him is just idiotic!

  • Darkstalker

    @Lenny: You´re right. They already have someone screaming "OH MA GOODNESS!" all the time – so why bring in another useless commentator…

    • Lenny


      • Darkstalker

        All I say is, Don West won´t make my FAV FIVE… And I am sure you can dig that.

  • Mike L

    The Undertaker is CrankyVince

  • VibceCranky

    I am Cranky Vince!

  • CrankyVince

    I am Cranky Vince.

  • Blazeking

    Who's Crank Vince? The same dude who's Puppet H, lol.

  • Cranky Vince is obviously the Mystery GM…

  • dave c

    everybody who isn't cranky vince please sit down………… ugh this is going to take a while

  • fletch

    Cranky vince is a nobody like heath slater