Who Pushed To Replace AJ Lee, Brock Lesnar At HIAC?, Booking 3MB, Adult Content On WWE TV

What exactly is a "managing supervisor" and how is Vickie Guerrero's new role different from that of a General Manager?

I don't know the logic behind re-treading Vickie Guerrero as the Raw Managing Supervisor rather than the General Manager. Perhaps they wanted to give her a tryout period before having her land the on-screen role. As we reported back in September here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium, Triple H had been very vocal that AJ Lee ran her course as the Raw GM and they needed to replace her. A couple names were talked about but ultimately they decided to go with Vickie once again. We'll see where it goes but the company is clearly hoping Vickie continues to draw tremendous heat.

What is the point in booking Ryback vs. CM Punk? I understand John Cena isn't ready to go but what about using Brock Lesnar?

WWE is currently pushing Ryback as a babyface and CM Punk as a heel. There are a number of reasons for not using Brock Lesnar in the main event, including burning through dates for a B-level show and overexposing him but Vince McMahon wanted a babyface to oppose Punk. Pretty much everyone has cautioned Ryback isn't ready but Vince has been determined and when he gets determined, watch out. It's interesting you mentioned Brock though as I've been told (and reported as much) that Lesnar's name has come up in creative meetings about potentially costing Ryback the Hell in a Cell match against Punk.

What is the deal with Heath Slater and the 3 Man Bad? Are they a legitimate heel stable or nothing more than comedy characters?

Let's see a show of hands from the readers that believe a stable comprised of Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal will get a legitimate run as a heel faction. I can't see the results but I'm pretty sure no hands are up. I discussed this in detail here on the WNW Premium Mailbag but it really feels like 3MB is one of those "spur of the moment" creative decisions.

Why doesn't WWE book content geared towards their older audience?

WWE will claim a lot of the actual wrestling matches booked on their programming are for the older [and more informed fan base]. When the company was shifting to the PG initiative they went too far with it and Vince McMahon admitted as much (I would have never believed it but I heard it from Vince's mouth myself). A lot of the problems lately, at least from a creative prospective, is due to a team of writers and producers that are beyond burnt out.

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  • Byron

    Punk has been lobbying for years about "change" and giving the little guy a shot. So let's see if he practices what he preaches this Sunday and puts Ryback over for the title too create that change he lobbys for all the time. Does Punk really practice what he preaches or is he full of ISH.

    • jdl

      Yes, because Punk is really the person who will be making any decisions regarding the results of the match.

      • Byron

        Punk has alot of stroke backstage, he has a lot of say on alot of things. Just read most of the stories on here where Punk has pitched ideas and gotten his wish

    • Patrick_OToole

      You know it's not Punk's decision right? He isn't like Hogan was and has complete control over his character, maybe some input, but not control. Big difference.

    • Cheddar

      You know, I keep hearing that, but giving Ryback a chance is not really change. Punk could go out and botch 10 moves and still look a million times better than any move RyCena does. I say RyCena because he's basically the Cena character, which is what I'm tired of. A character with little to no depth, a silly catchphrase, and 5 moves. I'm more of a long winded promo, heavy ring psychology, tumultuous angle build up kind of guy myself. So, no putting RyCena over on Sunday would not facilitate change, it'd reverse everything good Punk has done over the past year. They should definitely let him hold it for a year before making him drop it.

      • kbunyon

        I completely disagree. While we haven't seen much range from Ryback recently, the man is actually quite good in the ring. I watched some of his FCW matches, specifically when he was tagging with Sheamus O'Shaunessy, and I was impressed. Sheamus looked exactly as he does now, by Ryback was smaller and really knew how to work the ring.

        Some of those moves could be harder for him because of his bulk, but I'm sure he hasn't lost the knowledge of how to work the ring. I'm hoping that Ryback's time in the WWE isn't turned into 5 moves of doom because it would make his match with Punk at HIAC quite boring, but it would also devalue his talents in a huge way. That the WWE would willingly let that talent go to waste really upsets me.


        • Cheddar

          I watched a FCW match with Ryback and Sheamoose. They were fighting another tag team. Ryback was noticeably smaller than he is now. What I meant in my comment is that it looks like they're going to push Ryback as the new "guy", and that's the problem I have. It shouldn't be just ONE guy. It should be like 6. Remember when Stone Cold has his injury in 1999 or 2000? Rock, Taker, HHH, Angle, and the WHOLE MIDCARD stepped up their games. Punk has stepped up his game. Kofi a little recently in the past few weeks. Everybody else? Doing the same stuff they have been for years. Big Show as champ? More like Big Show future endeavored.

          I don't care about him. Didn't really care about him in 1998. He sucks, his mouth is full of spit when he talks. That's just my opinion. Even if you do like him, you've got to admit, people like him and Kane, its time for them to go. Bring up people from FCW and give them a shot to get over. Chris Hero has been there for about 6 months now and he's still not up? He didn't even need to go. He's older than some of the guys there so they should get the ball rolling with him soon.

          What I'm saying is it looks like they're going down the same disastrous path they've been on since introducing that spinner belt: Having one guy tear through the rest of the roster,making them look weak. Punk makes everybody he works with look better, most of the time. Not to say he isn't sloppy and doesn't have a bad match every now and then. His Randy Savage elbow is horrible and he always looks like he's going to fall off the ropes every time he does it.

          I guess my idea of change would be immediately releasing over half of the current TV roster and bring up developmental talents, or if they didn't want to fire everyone, do a storyline where the developmental talents invade because they're sick of seeing people be on TV just for a paycheck.

      • Pluto

        And how many moves does Punk have, 6? Punk isnt any better then Cena, Punk is one of the most overrated wrestlers I've ever seen. People make him out too be alot better then he really is just because he wrestled in ROH. Guys like Samoa Joe/Danel Danielson wrestled circles around Punk

        • Snap

          The thing is, while Punk could very well be overrated by his fans, Cena is definitely overrated by HIS fans. Maybe I don't watch WWE enough these days, but I don't recall the finishes to Punk matches being like Cena's shoulder blocks, into that slam he does, five knuckle shuffles, then an AA into the STF. In fact, I can't think of examples where Punk hits the GTS and then applies the Anaconda Vise to end a match.

          I find Punk, as an overall package, to be more entertaining than Cena. People like to complain about Punk's whole "respect" thing, but MANY Cena promos bring attention to how half the crowd in any given town hates him or, more recently, citing how many days Punk has been WWE champion.

          At this point in time, I don't see anything which screams out "WWE champion" where Ryback is concerned. All I have seen is a jacked up guy with bulging eyes and who breathes hard while squashing his opponents in short matches. It's better than simply plowing through one-shot "no name" talents, but there hasn't been anything to display a personality beyond "Feed me more."

          Finally, I don't think Punk needs to lose to Ryback in order to be giving new people a shot. It's to break the monotony of Cena getting shot after shot at the title. If we assume that Cena will continue to get a shot before Punk defends against Rock at the Rumble, Cena will have gotten the shot at four of the last five PPVs of the year.

          Including when Cena won the WWE championship at WrestleMania 21, there have been 96 PPVs he has been eligible to appear on (there were brand-specific PPVs during this time), 9 of which he either did not appear on or did not compete due to injury or being a referee. On 24 of those PPVs, he was not directly involved in a WWE or World Heavyweight title match, though he won a title shot at three PPVs and won the Tag titles on another. So, out of 96 PPVs he was the champion for 41 (was champion, but did not defend at 3 of those PPVs) and challenging for a World title at 22. Thus, since WrestleMania in 2005 he has been involved in the World title picture 66% of the time. In fact, this past WrestleMania was the ONLY WrestleMania since 2005 which Cena was not involved in a title match.

          It's certainly time for WWE to find someone other than Cena to be in the WWE/World title picture.

  • Moose666

    3MB reminds me of 3 Count in WCW (Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, and Evan Karagias). I certainly hope 3MB doesn't last as long as 3 Count did.

  • Nick Spears

    I agree, the 3MB stable makes little to no sense when you see three guys with completely different backgrounds. IMO they blew it with Jinder Mahal because he could have been the next Tiger Ali Singh (for those who remember him) After so many losses to Sheamus and Ryback, Mahal is simply a jobber in my view and only has a job because he’s got that India background which could draw fan base when WWE goes there. McIntyre is another lost cause. I never saw him as a main eventer though, not even when he was “the chosen one”. Heath Slater, well he fits the same mode but what sets him aside is that he’s actually watchable. The guy is entertaining but his best days are behind him (Nexus days).

    • Chris H

      "IMO they blew it with Jinder Mahal because he could have been the next Tiger Ali Singh (for those who remember him) "

      You meet Tiger Ali Singh who debuted in 1997, wrestled half a dozen times then disappeared from tv for three years, to return as a manager for D'Lo Brown? Yeah, WWE really blew it by, you know, actually letting Mahal wrestle.

    • Ken

      I remember Tiger Ali Singh.

      I remember Tiger Jeet Singh too.

  • Ilyas G

    Part of me keeps telling me that the 3MB kind of stables are shown to feed their "Are you serious?" episodes with more recent content. I also remember how they overused this approach a few years ago for the sole purpose of adding a "Damn" section in their Slammy Awards.

  • rkoturner11

    I love Vickie as the new manager because now dolph can leave her and join punks stable and it can be team Vickie vs team heyman at survivor series

  • John

    In an ideal world, Ryback really should be a heel, however when you think of how many monster heels have failed to get over then dumped from the roster, you can see why they went a different route with Ryback.

    Personally i think the comparisons with Goldberg are unfair, however i think WCW did a much better job with building Goldberg than WWE has done with Ryback! They have pushed him way too quickly.

  • RKW93

    Maybe it's just me but:-
    – Ryback Vs Punk is impossible to book,
    – Dolph Ziggler's MITB contract is exclusive to the World Title,
    – Therefore, with Vickie in an administrative role, she could logically have Dolph cash the case in on the WWE Champion.

    • Chris H

      It'd be an interesting swerve.

      Ryback wins belt from CM Punk, WWE Universe go berserk, CM Punk goes berserk, beats living daylights out of Ryback with a handy no-DQ-related HIAC weapon left lying around, out comes Vickie, screws with the rules, out comes Dolph, 1, 2, 3.

      I would buy that. Perfectly acceptable approach. Ryback goes over Punk, but doesn't keep the belt. Then, of course, what do you do with Dolph? Eh, I'd tune in to find out, for sure.

      • Brandon

        To be exact, the blue case that Ziggler hold all along can't be cashed in on WWE Championship. It's the World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank that Ziggler won back in July so Ziggler won't be involved in Punk-Ryback swerve in any circumstances but hey, this is WWE, anything can happen.

        • Chris H

          To be exact, we all know that, which is why we both mentioned Vickie, WITH HER NEW JOB, could come out and change that. That's the point. That's why it would be interesting, and entirely possible with her new powers as "Generic-Title-Different-Each-Time person in charge of Raw".


    I'd love too see Ryback win the strap.

  • _JIM_

    I think Vicki got the different title other than Raw GM so that she could be replaced by a permanent GM easily. I read on Bleacher Report today the they feel Flair will be debuting as soon as this upcoming Monday. Who would be better to replace Vicki and become the next permanent Raw GM? You know Hunter would be all for it and so would the fans. Flair was always great in that role. Whether it was in WCW or WWE, he was always one of the nest on-screen GM’s ever IMO. Honestly this couldn’t happen soon enough for me because I can’t stand Vicki as GM. She’s way too good as Ziggler’s manager to just stop it. Especially since he has yet to cash in his briefcase. If they are going to break them up do it after he wins the WHC so he could fire her and say he just used her all along. Then she could find a new man to manage that could feud with Ziggler. Makes too much sense to me not to do it.

  • Brandon

    Where's the "Who's with me?" guy?

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Brock Lesnar better cost Ryback the WWE Championship or there will be riot in Atlanta. For sure, who's with me again?

  • KVB

    When can we get rid of this PG crap????? Bring back the attitude era type style of show.

  • Brian H

    I wish John Cena was able to compete at Hell in a Cell because then it would be much more logical to have a triple threat match between Punk Cena and Ryback with an interference of Lesnar to cost Ryback the title and have Punk go over Cena without it hurting Cena too badly. But I figured Lesnar would have to somewhat get involved with Cena to have it make sense that he is helping Punk retain and not just targeting Ryback without a solid purpose.

  • Shane McMahon

    So HHH think AJ's time as Raw GM ran its course in a short span of a few months, just to replace with her with Vicki, who's expiration date in this type of role is long up…brilliant move.

  • Michael

    I liked AJ Lee as RAW GM, I think the crowd agreed with me. Shame, really was, wonder if she will be back as GM..