Who Ryback Bullied At Raw, Video Of Sin Cara's Injury

Who Ryback Bullied at Raw

The man that Ryback "bullied" in the shower backstage at Monday Night Raw was Christian Cole. Cole is regular for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, working as a manager.

Video of Sin Cara's Injury

As noted earlier here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Sin Cara suffered a hand injury on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. You can watch where the injury occurred at this link or embedded in the video below:

The injury occurred at the 0:36 mark where Cara immediately called for medical assistance.

  • sam

    There is two ways to look at it with Sin Cara….
    Either he is just really unfortunate and gets injured all the time! or the injuries are not as bad as they seem and he makes a meal out of it.

    Personally I like him! I just think its ashame that whenever the WWE finally want to do something with him something happens with either wellness or injuries. I mean they stated at the start of the match about the flags … this could have been a sign of WWE trying something different to revamp him? The guy has 0 luck.

    • BlazeKing

      Any time he wears ring attire that’s mostly white, he ends up injured. Hell, they did an injury angle when he failed the wellness test and he had on a white&gold attire (the same one he got his first injury in)!!!

  • Violet09

    I think he seriously got injured on that opening kick by del rio then felt the intense pain after jumping out of the ring… Unbelievably bad luck

  • H.M.

    Honestly, those Ryback segments backstage are pretty good. People can complain all they want. They get your attention as straightforward as they may be. I just hope they’re going somewhere with this because I’m not all that into Ryback these days as a whole. Lacklustre work overall. But he seems to be comfortable as a heel, I must say. Now, if only he wasn’t such a cookie cutter coward, but rather an explosive monster heel with a set.

    • TheBigKing1

      I think he’s finally coming into his own with his heel bully gimmick now. I’m definitely loving it. It’s very interesting to me.

      • Kenneth

        “Do you know his name? Do you know who he is? He’s Bully Ryback. Peczilla.”

  • Lebron James

    Stopping a match for a finger injury is really unmanly. But I guess everyone has a different pain tolerance. Del Rio was a piece of crap for still attacking Sin Cara after the injury by the way, the ref clearly told him multiple times to stop, he could’ve seriously injured him if the injury was something else. I know those two have real beef, but that wasn’t cool at all. Luckily it was just a finger injury.

    • Tony_23

      Can someone dislocate your fingers, so that you can stop typing now.

  • Sam The Man.

    Sorry but the injury happen at the very begining when Del Rio kick him ON the hand. Cara went down and try to fix is finger. Look close and you will see that when hé jump is finger is already hurt.