Backstage News On Who Saved Abraham Washington's Job In WWE After The Kobe Bryant Joke But What Ultimately Resulted In Vince McMahon Terminating His Contract; Full Details On Why No One Tried To Talk Him Out Of Firing AW The Second Time Around

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Vince McMahon was "hell-bent" on firing Abraham Washington the week following the Kobe Bryant rape joke on the July 30th episode of WWE Raw. As we reported last week, Vince was talked out of it by someone in his inner-circle. I'm now told the person that convinced him not to fire AW at the time was Stephanie McMahon as she felt the story hadn't died down yet and terminating his contract would just lengthen the news cycle.

As for why AW was fired a week later, I'm told it was two fold.

First of all, the original Kobe joke was no longer a current story in the mainstream media and Vince and Stephanie were in agreement that if he was let go now, it wouldn't have nearly the amount of mainstream press it would have had the week before.

Secondly, I'm told a lot of people were upset with how AW handled himself at Raw last week. He already had a reputation for having a "big head" but the office was looking for him to show up humble and humiliated. Instead, the vibe was he acted like all had been forgiven, which rubbed some people at the top the wrong way. This angered McMahon and ultimately sealed AW's fate and I'm told nobody tried to talk him out of it this time.

AW told the Greenwich Time on Monday it was his pro-Linda McMahon Tweet that caused the company to release him, however, I'm under the impression it had to do with his attitude behind the remark as I received the aforementioned information before the interview recapped here.

  • Ernest Bethea

    And the lesson to be learned here is a simple one. You get into the doghouse with Top WWE Brass, when you have to report to them, remember that they have the brass to fire your @$$!

  • [email protected]

    The lesson is be contrite when you screw up. Also, not enough to just *be* contrite; you have to *show* it too.