Who To Blame For The Montreal Screwjob, Up Next For The Rock, Next Week's Raw Supershow, WWE Pay

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I have read the accounts of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in regards to the infamous Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series 1997. Both place the blame on one another. Who do you think is telling the truth?

I've always heard there are two sides to every story and when you combine both sides, the truth is somewhere in between. The Montreal Screwjob was a bad situation because I can understand how it was no-win on both sides. On one hand if Vince McMahon put Bret Hart over Shawn only for his champion to go to WCW, how does that make WWE look? WCW was really putting the pressure on WWE and it would have been a disaster for their champion to leave for the competition. On the other hand, Vince had told Bret he was going over and Bret felt that his hard work and dedication had earned him the right to leave as champion. Bret was blindsided by the screwjob and he took it very personal. In the end I'm glad Bret and Shawn were able to reconcile their differences and while they'll probably never be best friends, it was awesome for the business when the beef was squashed a couple years ago.

With The Rock and John Cena's rivalry officially over, and with Rock stating he wants the WWE Championship one more time, do you think it would be possible for him to return at the Royal Rumble next year and go on to WrestleMania 29?

The Rock is rumored to have a contract similar to that of Brock Lesnar's that will include more dates than just the build to Wrestlemania 29 and the pay-per-view itself. The Rock is expected to be involved in a match for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania although I do not have details on how the company plans on setting it up or who it will be against. Rock's rivalry with John Cena is over and tonight his program with Brock Lesnar continues.

Are there any part-time superstars such as Triple H or Brock Lesnar scheduled for the Raw Supershow set for London next week?

Neither Triple H nor Brock Lesnar are scheduled for next week's Raw Supershow from London. Given the way his match at Wrestlemania 28 ended, it looks like Hunter will be on an extended hiatus from TV. As for Lesnar, his next scheduled date after tonight is Raw Supershow on April 23rd.

Do WWE enhancement workers, or jobbers, get paid after a match. If so, how much?

All WWE workers under performer's contracts get $500 when they appear on show as it's called a "show bonus." A WWE performer's contract is structured so workers are paid downside guarantees (money they get no matter what), show bonuses, merchandise bonuses, pay-per-view bonuses and other structured payments throughout the year.

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  • thatguy

    Really a question about the screw job? There is a nice DVD that came out a while ago that jumped into this head first.

    • pjhoover

      another question about how much workers get paid as well. People just don't like to search for q's already been answered 5000 times before.

      • AJG316

        If u think that the why don't u just ask every goddamn question

    • Toby Tyler

      I know, read wikipedia .. has a nice summary. Or get the DVD.

  • john

    Ive been counting the $500 tags for the performers and id think even if ur a jobber or if your just low side performer your still making really good money. i dont know what the pay per view bonus but still

  • aesshowl

    Sorry Richard. I've never had a reason to dispute any of your claims but "Bret felt that his hard work and dedication had earned him the right to leave as champion." is inaccurate. Bret has said ever since 1997 that he would job to anyone, but not to Michaels in Montreal, and that if he had to face Michaels at SS he would keep the title and drop it on the next night at RAW (he still had a couple of dates to fulfill on his contract).

    • simbasamba

      the problem was that vince was scared bret would no-show raw.

  • Irish Noel

    I don't really blame Vince or Shawn for this. Vince couldn't afford to pay Bret Hart a better contract so Bret decided to go to WCW. Shawn was just doing what Vince asked him to do. Given that a few people went to WCW with WWE belts in the past, I think Vince had a right to be concerned. I like Bret Hart but the way i see it is who does he think he is refusing to job to Shawn? He was just a worker. Bret shouldn't have had the right to choose who he lost the title to or even to choose if he left undefeated. The fact that it was in Canada shouldn't make a difference either. If Shawn was champion and he was told he was going to lose in America, do you think he would have complained about that? From a business standpoint, why would you put over a guy who is leaving your company the next day? I have a lot of time for Bret but I think reacted very immaturely over this at the time.

  • Dave L

    True Story: I once posted pics from a Dec MSG house show and I got those tickets from an unnamed Resigning WWE COO, The seats were like 2nd row I sat behind Former Mets GM Omar Minaya and his family to the right of Shawn's Wife and Son, I forget who Shawn fought, but one of my greatest moments was being able to yell and start the "You screwed Bret" chant to his face,with his family sitting right there, His son gave me the look of death, Worse even was turning the wrong way on the way out, and coming face to face with his wife and son AGAIN.

    IMO shawn caused the screwjob, I understand Vince's POV, he didn't want Bret to cause a Medusa with his Championship belt, but Shawn was such an ego maniac that he could have said NO I Won't do that, he didn't he was all for it, now years later he's all Jesus'd up and he feels bad, really, Bret could have finished his career With WWE, He was WWE for life until that BS happened. I'm A Bret fan, I bleed Pink and Black. And this isn't a mark out..Shawn Michaels the MAN did the screwjob, not Shawn Michaels the character, the heartbreak kid I'm glad he's gone!

    • thefen

      Er, no. Bret was leaving for more money. He wasn't WWF for life, and was not about to extend or end his career with WWF. He was leaving for more money….end of ! If he was the star he thought he was why did his career nose dive in WCW before his Goldberg enforced retirement? Fortunately, all parties in the episode have since buried the hatchet and, whilst not exactly on each other's Christmas card lists, they've been able to LET IT GO. I suggest we do the same and simply remember the Screw Job as an event which helped launch the brilliant Attitude Era.

      • Dave L

        I agree with both of you The screw job did ignite the attitude era, which goes to show that the "old" vince has no problem throwing one of his top talent under the bus and backing over his career for the sake of saving his bottom line. and Yes no one wanted Bret to succeed in WCW, the NWO train was running full steam ahead and was the biggest cash cow the main players had probably had in years. It would probably be one of the biggest factions still working if every member of the WCW roster wasn't at one time a member de-legitimizing it.

  • rob

    WWE did more for Bret than he did for WWE. If WWE had released Bret b4 he became Champion, some one else would have taken his place. The best thing Bret did was Feud with HBK and put over SCSA. He should have know he could not go work for WCW as WWE champion.

    If he respected WWE he would not have left. If he would have stayed Goldberg would not have kicked him in the head and end his career.

  • Panda1999

    I read both Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart's autobiographies and I despise people saying that it was Shawn's fault and that his ego caused it. Shawn did the right thing and what was best for the company. Any true wrestling fan knows that.
    And to add to that Shawn may have had a bit of an ego but it was clearly Bret's ego that caused the incident.

  • Panda1999

    I read both Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart's autobiographies and I despise people saying that it was Shawn's fault and that his ego caused it. Shawn did the right thing and what was best for the company. Any true wrestling fan knows that.

  • PeriaShan

    well the thing is that Bret’s refusal to lose the belt to Shawn at SS was incorrect but that doesnt mean that what McMahon and co. did to him was right. When youre a leader then u find ways to resolve a conflict between ur men instead of resorting to lying n cheating. Vince lied to Bret about the finish of the match do you think that was the right thing to do to a man that had been most loyal and dedicated superstar of his company at that point in time and that too infront of his family and countrymen in his very last match.

    Definitely McMahon could have come up with something better than what had happened to resolve the issue.