Who Will Induct Bruno Sammartino Into WWE Hall Of Fame?

Bruno Sammartino said on the Busted Open radio show he'd like to have Larry Zbyszko induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame, however, he's leaving it in WWE's hands.

Sammartino said that Triple H told him WWE usually lets Hall of Fame inductees select who they want to induct them but that they would like to think about it for awhile. Apparently WWE is looking to bring in someone "worldly known" to do the honors.

  • Chris

    Yeah, I don’t see Zybysko getting that chance. With the shit he’s spoken about WWE and some of their workers.

  • Wow, imagine that, Sammartino and Zybysko the two people we NEVER thought we’d see in WWE, on stage at the same time….that would be insane.

  • Tyler

    Worldly known? That means Santino Marella, leaving it wide open for awful Sammarsantino jokes and puns. Leave it to WWE to ruin a good thing.

  • Mad Dawg

    I hope they let the Living Legend induct him. I’ve missed seeing and hearing him since WCW got bought out.

  • Larry would be awesome, but if WWE wants someone more worldly known…I just can’t imagine someone with the right credentials.

  • I wonder if Mean Gene was around back then. He wouldn’t be bad.

  • Religion is dumb


  • Maze

    I don’t see why they would even consider Santino seeing that he iks actually canadian and not from Italy.

  • lee

    I argee Jonathan i hope it’s not Triple H, but WWE will say something like Bruno is important so it’s best that we have someone big to induct him.

  • gkdanko

    How about Hulk Hogan?

  • dark knight

    who today is equal in stature with the man who held 2 titles for 11 years. Sammartino was the humble but Granite foundation of WWE. my short list is
    Triple H
    the Rock
    IE a veteran workhouse with world wide cred