Why A Lot Of Pressure Is Being Placed On TNA Impact Wrestling's Upcoming Project In India, Update On The Company's Pay-Per-View Revenue & Other Failed Projects

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A tremendous amount of pressure is being place on TNA Impact Wrestling for the upcoming India project to be successful. The company is trying to open up new revenue streams with existing revenue streams not doing well.

In addition to the problems I reported yesterday on WNW Premium, pay-per-view revenue continues to be virtually non-existent and obviously the video game produced by Midway ended in disaster.

The project in India is scheduled to begin filming next week and involves a staff team of Jeff Jarrett, Dave Lagana, Rudy Charles, Savio Vega and Dutch Mantel.

It's interesting to note while TNA is fully funding the project, neither the letters TNA nor their logo are expected to be used.

  • snuggle

    Why is tna so blind before they hired Hogan and Bischoff they were doing fine they were one of spike tv’s most watched shows. After the hiring the company has been in trouble. The solution in my view is simple fire them revert from impact wrestling back to tna focus back on home grown talent and the X division and maybe things will start looking up. The old saying goes if it isn’t broke then don’t try and fix it hint Dixie Tna wasn’t broke so you shouldn’t have tried to fix it with old has been wrestlers and a man who ran wcw out of business. There are a few cancers in Tna Hogan, Bischoff, and Russo replace them and you’ll see an improvement.

    • GODSENT83

      Though I do agree bringing hogan and eb was a colossal mistake that needs to be addressed they were kind of hurting. They really just needed more publicity rather than becoming JPW( Jurassic Park Wrestling)

  • havoc525

    They’re going to expand into a place WWE gave up on? Yep, that’ll work.