Why Christian Was Yanked From WWE TV, Edge's Contract Status, Sin Cara A Title Holder?, Tensai's Push

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Why has Christian not been seen on WWE television?

As we reported exclusively here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium last week, Vince McMahon gave a directive to make sure Christian is not prominently featured on WWE television until after he appears at TNA Bound For Glory next month. The idea is McMahon wants Christian to appear in TNA "cold." We were the first publication to break this story despite others running it without credit this week. For more, check out our exclusive update at this link.

Is Edge still under WWE contract?

No, Edge is no longer under WWE contract. His deal expired on April 30, 2012 and while the company tried to re-sign him to a deal that would allow him to still making appearances, the two sides were unable to come to terms. I was told Edge wanted something like what Shawn Michaels has to the tune of a reported $300,000 per year and WWE wasn't willing to pay that much.

Any shot Sin Cara gets a chance in the title scene?

WWE officials are high up on Sin Cara because of his international appeal and kid-friendly masked character, however, he is not seen as a main event talent in terms of WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship material. If WWE goes forward with plans for a show dedicated to cruiserweight talent, he's expected to be the focal point and would obviously be a viable candidate for cruiserweight champion should WWE decide to bring the title back.

Why is Tensai continue to get on television? Could WWE at least revert his character back to Albert?

While it's clear Tensai's push is over, he's still getting on television because he's under contract and the company is seeing what they can get out of him. As for WWE bringing him back as Albert I guess it's not out of the question since Tensai has failed but they are now booking him as a mid-card heel talent.

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  • Snowwinter

    Need more fair

    • J-Dub


    • Tyler

      I was going to go with need more cowbell

  • ldb

    why did christian go ahead with tna appearances and have it hurt in the wwe?
    Shooting him self with that.

    • Hitman310

      It wasn’t his call. From what I know and I believe I read it here on WNW, he didn’t want to do it but had no choice since that’s what wwe agreed to.

    • J-Dub

      Had no choice due to the lawsuit and his Boss VKM said so!

    • Whammaster

      WWE made the agreement to trade services between the companies. TNA allowed (though tbh he was going to do it regardless) Ric Flair to appear at WWE's HoF ceremony in exchange for Christian Cage to appear at TNA's HoF induction and ceremony.

  • Lenny

    It’s a damn shame what they’re doing to Christian. First of all, it is my understanding tat he did not choose to go to TNA for these two appearances correct? So first they make him drop the IC title then job to the likes of Cody Rhodes and The Miz, ad then he disappears off television. Christian is a great worker and a ring general, hes being treated like
    A third class citizen when the guy is first class all the way. I know Christian should do what’s best for Christian but honestly, if I were him, I’d go back to TNA cuz at least there they made him a main event and it lasted more then 4 months.

    • GODSENT83

      Honestly what’s best is making money, championship runs don’t mean anything when paying bills

  • Jman72485

    I would like to see the CW title make a come back. I think if they keep hiring smaller talent, it should come back. Make it a floating title that’s show both both on raw and smackdown.

    As for tensi, if they do make him go back to being Albert or a train, he should be a face….

  • ted

    if vince wants christian to appear in tna "cold", he should send him to alaska without a coat to do a promotional tour, then he can go to tna with pneumonia.

    • Lenny

      Lmao! Good one!

  • _JIM_

    That whole Christian debocle is a mess. As if the guy didn’t pay enough when he came back to WWE from TNA by being buried all the time. It’s a shame that he’s the one paying for WWE just to have Flair back for one night. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  • Wayne

    So Edge isn't worth $300G but Brock is paid millions.

    • AnacondaVise

      Brock can still have matches Edge can't there is a big difference. I love Edge but I can see why WWE wouldn't want to pay that for a guy that can only make appearances.

  • Steve l

    I think Tensai is fine as a midcarder a menacing giant that cam put people over becaise he looks imposing. He just wasnt ready foraon events this adjistment works

  • Ryder

    I hope WWE will still have Christian and Cesaro feud after this TNA/WWE deal they could put on some good matches.

  • Rob

    The Christian situation is probably just vinces way of telling the talent this is what happens when you go to the competition. Or it could be that it’s a storyline for Christian ie he comes back after bound for glory as a heel saying he’s sick of being a pawn in business.

    • Chuck

      Christian is a great heel, something wwe needs more of.

  • Ken

    Christian going back to TNA for another day trip. Yeah, because that was so worthwhile for all parties involved the last time he did that. Sorry, but at this point in their respective careers a Christian is worth far more than a Ric Flair.

    I think I'm going to have to resubscribe to the Premium section on here just to keep up with things these days. Only reason I stopped was a change in cred card details. Could never be bothered resubbing again.

  • Haley

    that contract dispute was just a rumor. edge didn’t say anything bad about wwe, he just wants to live a normal life and go away for a while after putting his body on the line for the last several years, plus he’s also got a multi episode appearance on haven. happy for him and hopefully we’ll see edge in the wwe again in the near future but not in a non wrestling role. he can still come out and entertain the crowd by cutting a promo in the ring.

  • Cranky Vince

    How much sense does it make keeping Christian off TV for almost 2 months before Bound For Glory? If anything he's going to come in and get a HUGE pop because none of his fans have seen him on TV. Vince will use anything he can think of to bury Christian and I honestly think it's pathetic

  • Sreynaga_13

    I read that christian actually requested time off to fully heal his ankle that he injured.

  • BigMike

    I liked Albert and his persona he had mic skills and was a good big man IMO

  • Forget Albert. I want to see MATT BLOOM, world traveled veteran and international star. Have him destroy Sakamoto and drop the gimmick all together, put him with Heyman and Punk as an enforcer and you’ve got some potentially great TV!

  • the trojan

    Tensai, Albert, Train on matter who its the same old same old VKM is a bit short sited towards his audiences intellegence therefore its off to TNA from now on for me Ta Ta