Why Cody Rhodes Was Buried, New WWE Title Belt, WWE & Social Media, Worst Mistake In History

I know Cody Rhodes has had a match in the last couple of weeks but what is his status backstage?

As we've seen on WWE television, Cody Rhodes is in a program with Sin Cara where he is trying to remove his mask. As for Rhodes being buried, it had to do with a positive Wellness test that he tried to deny. We have much more at this link. With that being said, Rhodes is currently a mid-card worker.

We have heard multiple times about a new WWE Championship belt. As CM Punk said the title needs to change and that left me with the impression that he will be the one to do it. What is going on with that and when can we expect to see the new WWE belt?

I have heard for years the company has considered replacing the WWE Championship "spinner" belt but Vince McMahon has kept it due to how well the belt sells. In recent months, CM Punk has continued to tease a new title belt (with rumblings as recent as last weekend) but it's become one of those things I'll have to see to believe.

I cannot stand how WWE is constantly ramming this social media craze down our necks with Twitter, Tout, etc. I feel it's starting to ruin Raw for me personally and I would like to know how you feel about it and why they are doing it?

I get annoyed with all the social media mentions as much as anyone else. Even before WWE's latest partnership with Twitter, I was beginning to wonder if the company was a silent investor. We know they are a $5 million investor in Tout which is why they heavily promote it. As for why it is done, it's free promotion. More and more people are turning to social media to stay informed with what is going on and share information and media with their friends. With that being said you can follow us on Twitter @wnwnews and on Facebook at Facebook.com/WrestlingNewsWorld.

What was the worst mistake in WWE history?

Normally I shy away from questions such as this because they are widely debatable, however, I have to think the planned "funeral" for the Mr. McMahon character that was scheduled the night we learned of the death of Chris Benoit (June 25, 2007) and his family was the worst mistake in WWE history. Not only that but the tribute show that replaced it as we learned of the heinous details behind the crimes Benoit committed in the final days of his life.

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  • Paul

    Yet Chris Benoit is spoken of fondly of in the wrestling community, I get that he was one of the greatest performers of all time but the events in his final days have ruined his legacy whatever the circumstances behind it, he is a murderer and not a hero.

    • MonsterMike42

      I'll probably be thumbs downed for this, but I agree 100%. While I will always respect Chris Benoit the performer, the world will always remember Chris Benoit as a murderer. Heck, Richard keeps saying that WWE Superstars are best remembered as they were seen last. example: Bret Hart- Old and broken down; Steve Austin- Still the beer-drinking, finger-flipping, Hell-raising SOB; Chris Benoit- murderer

      • Paul

        Yeah well I appreciate you agreeing with me, and this is a former Benoit fan here, one of my favourite matches was Benoit v angle at wm x7 they out on a technical masterclass, benoit was a hardworking, excellent performer but you can’t just chose to ignore the facts because you idolised him as a performer.

        • Paul

          Sorry for the spelling mistakes, I’ll blame the phone

          • Robert olley

            Its called Roid rage and to be frank off wwe tested properly back then it would have been court and the tragedy would have been avoiding.

  • CL

    Thnx 4 answering my question

  • Ken

    I don't think either the McMahon funeral or the Benoit tribute can really be classed as mistakes on the WWE's part. To call them mistakes would imply that the WWE really should have known better, but Chris' actions, while tragic, couldn't have been predicted at the time, nor could the aftermath.

    The McMahon funeral episode might have been in bad taste once we learned of things, but when it had been written it was simply another day at the office, a little black humour, something and nothing that was highlighted and thrown into controversy by someone else's actions. Had Chris not gone off the deep end, people would have just shrugged at the funeral episode and moved on.
    Likewise with the tribute episode, that wasn't a mistake at the time. It had long been tradition to do tribute episodes for fallen wrestlers. It's a mark of respect, one I agree with in principle. At the time it was planned, the circumstances surrounding Chris weren't known. At the time he was simply a fallen brother, as it were.

    Those two episodes might well have a lot of poor circumstances and timing surrounding them, in hindsight, but they couldn't have been predicted by WWE Corporate or Creative at the time, and so in my opinion can't be considered mistakes on their part.

    I'll refrain from saying that Linda's Senate run is the worst mistake in WWE history though. It's too easy a shot, and we all know it anyway.

    • Joe Jefree

      GREAT comment! I was thinking the exact same thing. I would love to see Richard respond to this because I know even when we pose a good point, he always finds away to stick to his opinion.

  • MonsterMike42

    I have to agree that the "death" of Mr. McMahon was bad. Even Mick Foley was against it. In his book, he explains his conversation with Vince and how he asked Vince, "What if one of our guys passes away in real life?" Vince apparently replied that that wouldn't happen.

    • Richard Gray

      I have a lot of friends, who worked for WWE at the time, that were worried about the same thing. What if something tragic happens and here we have a staged funeral planned. Vince was in one of those moods of "that never could happen" and the worst thing the business has ever seen happened. This is why I consider the funeral the worst mistake in WWE history.

      • Paul

        I think the worst thing that ever happened has to be the tragic death of Owen hart was the worst thing to ever happen, it was a tragic accident in front of a live audience. The wwe was not aware of the details of Benoit tragedy when they aired the Benoit tribute show so I guess it wasn’t technically a mistake? Just an act through ignorance.

      • Ken

        Point, but as an entertainment company the WWE has to be creative. They have to come up with ideas within the framework of their genre that generate interest from their chosen demographic.
        The trials and tribbleations of the McMahon family, like it or not, were, are, and will be integral to the WWE, and there's only so many times you can run the same McMahon Vs Insert Rival Here before the fans tire of it.
        'Killing' Vince was a way to switching things up and doing somethng new. Yes, there was a chance of someone dying in real life, but the chances of that happening were so low that Vince quite rightly considered that it wouldn't happen. It did happen, but that doesn't make Vince's call a mistake, it just means, looking back with that rather clear 20/20 vision that hindsight tends to have, that the decision suffered from some bad timing. A few weeks earlier and no one would have batted an eyelid.
        The Chris Benoit situation has a lot of sentiment surrounding it, and rightly so, but the funeral storyline was created before that sentiment existed, and so it can't be applied in the way you're applying it.
        That's like criticising Dream Theater for their original album cover for Live Scenes From New York. For reference, that was a live album recorded in New York, and the cover, among other things, showed flames around the Twin Towers. The album was released on the morning of Sep 11 2001. No way they could have known what was going to happen, and there was no way Vince could have known.
        Bad timing, perhaps, in hindsight, but not a mistake.

      • Russell

        You’re thoughts on this social media evil plot are the equivilant of mine. Sports is sinking deeper not just wrestling,football,baseball,basketball,etc. Yeah I have all the social media sites and such but the truth is I never do anything with them. Way to tell about the social media! Lol

  • Chris

    Hindsight always being 20/20 the Chris Benoit tribute show was the biggest mistake in WWE history, undoubtedly. To lionize the man after what he did was a huge blunder, to say the least. That being said, at the time (i.e. before the details emerged) it wasn't exactly a mistake; with that small disclaimer I'd probably submit the Katie Vick storyline as the worst mistake WWE has ever made

    • mm

      u didnt answer any of my question

  • urnemystic

    Chris benoit and bret hart were both my heroes and growing up in a small town i canada i idolized them. I was completely crushed as the details came out about benoits case, and have been unable to even think about him since. Worst tragedy in pro wrestling history in my opinion, right up there with the death of owen hart.

  • Topherrulez

    Linda running for office has to be the worst mistake by far.

  • AnacondaVise

    Who are these people buying the spinner belt ? The thing is awful looking.

    • Elliott

      little kids buy it cause John Cena started it.

      • Evon Reese

        Well duh

  • Howard Stern

    Rhodes needs to be up there with Ziggler. WWE are a bunch of passive-aggressive losers. They keep stacking mistake after mistake watching their ratings decline quarter after quarter. It sucks watching something become so terrible that I used to worship when I was a teen-aged butt face.

  • Lenny

    I can nane the top 3 worry WWE mi├íramos of all time….1. Having Owen Hart drop down from the rafters, that fatal night at Over The Edge may 23rd, 1999 where he fail to his death. 2. Announcing that Hornswoggle was the Annonymous Raw GM all along. 3. Having Vince McMahon become a WWE champion.

  • Paul

    I understand each individuals point of view on the Chris Benoit tribute. We have to take into account the fact the WWE did not know the circumstances behind Chris’s actions and the severity of the situation. We also can not discount his contribution the performance level of our business. Now with that being said his actions are awful and undeniable but we must understand that Chris the performer was not the same person who commited these crimes. Chris Benoit’s paranoia,had for the last year of his life, became progressively worse. At the point of the incident he had lost control of reality and was not in his right mind. Now his actions were horrible and he will always be remembered this way by the world, but those of us wrestlers that look back to his performances are able to separate the true Chris Benoit from the dillusional and clinically insane man who committed these crimes. Being a wrestler and a psychologist I understand each individuals view

    • Paul

      Different Paul to the earlier comments I must add

    • Ken

      IIt's a shame that you have to clarify that you're a psychologist in order to justify a very common sense perspective. I'm not a trained psychologist, but I understand a lot of the nuances involved, enough to know that the person Chris was at the end of his life wasn't in a fit state of mind to make rational choices. Unfortunately it wasn't spotted in time for him to receive treatment. That doesn't make him an evil man or a monster, it just makes him a tragically sick man.
      Personally I had, still have, and always will have a tremendous amount of respect for Chris the wrestler. If I were a wrestler, I'd want to be like Chris in terms of his dedication, talent, intensity, and athleticism. Nothing will ever change that about him.
      Okay, maybe I'd not take so many chair shots to the head or pull as many swan dive headbutts as he did…

      • Chris

        Thank you sir.


      being a coboy and an astronaut, i approve these comments…. and sometimes i’m also a racecar driver.

  • HazMatt23

    I dig that shameless Facebook/Twitter plug. I laughed. Nice touch.

    • Duckfannaz

      Me too. Lol. Richard went for the cheap pop.

  • Steve l

    Before the tragedy Benoit wasy hands down favorite wrestler. Bit its impossible to separate hos carreer from his actions. So his tribute not the planned funeral which I think os widely forgotten the tribute show was a real mistake.

  • Thumpa

    It’s not impossible to separate, I don’t think about the murderer when I watch his matches, the 2 men are totally separate to me.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    To be exact, everything with Hornswoggle in it was a major WWE mistakes.

  • SDD619

    I don't think the Benoit tribute was a mistake. WWE like everyone else had no knowledge of the details of his death til 10 mins before the show ended. The angle with Vince was, but not the tribute show itself.

  • _JIM_

    Owen Hart’s accident and untimely death as a result of that accident is by far the worst thing to happen to the WWE.
    When they had the tribute to Benoit they weren’t up to speed on what had really happened yet. So airing that show was just an unfortunate mistake. If Benoit hadn’t done what he did and it really did turn out to be a robbery gone wrong, or something to that nature, people would’ve lost their minds if WWE didn’t have a tribute show. So their hands were pretty much tied and you have to believe that they had no idea as to what really took place or they wouldn’tve mentioned it at all. They would’ve pretended like nothing had happened and Chris Benoit never existed. Just like they do now. IMO as bad as this was it just doesn’t compare to one of your stars plummetting to his death in front of a live audience and on world wide PPV television. That was a VERY sad day.

  • TheConman188

    The Biggest Mistake in WWE History was the Change from TV-MA to PG. Sure the Attitude Era only lasted from 1998 to 2001 but that was the rebirth. WWE was known for The Hogan/Macho Man Era in the 80's, Known For The Invasion Era in the 90's, The Mature Era from 2000-2006, and Now The " Kids" Era! The People who grew up watching the Real Raw on every Monday are forgotten about because of the " Kids" Era. i Think McMahon had too many Stone Cold Stunners Given to him because he would rather make money on the kids then entertain the True Believers of The WWE