Why David Otunga Has Been Off The Road With WWE

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For those wondering why David Otunga has been off the road with WWE, he has been with his financee Jennifer Hudson as she has been in court in Chicago, Illinois for the trail of William Balfour.

Balfour, who was charged with the killing of Hudson's mother, brother and nephew in 2008, was found guilty today by the Chicago jury.

You can view a court room sketch of Otunga with Hudson at this link.

Click here for coverage by the Los Angeles Times.

  • jdl

    The artist who drew that is obviously a talented artist, but my god is that inaccurate.

  • Blake

    he would have his bow tie on.

    • mr shwo


    • smark

      it is on

  • Matt

    I've figured this was the reason he wasn't on TV and I applaud WWE for letting him having time to do this. Obviously such a difficult situation for Hudson and thank god this guy got life without parole for the murders. Now with that, the Hudson family has their closure and can continue. Otunga is a good fiance to Hudson

  • christopher525

    Why is there a picture of Rick Fox and Halle Berry in this story about Otunga and Hudson?

  • Bops

    I second that. WWE did the right thing by giving David time off. And obviously, David did the right thing by staying at Jennifer's side. I'm relieved to hear Balfour was found guilty, his crime is horrible, and I wish nothing but best wishes for the Hudson family.