Why Del Rio Doesn't Drive Cars To The Ring Anymore, Swagger's Entrance Cut, New WWE Videos

Alberto Del Rio & Luxury Vehicles

Alberto Del Rio doesn't drive cars to the ring anymore because he ran over Santa Claus. That was his response when asked in a Wrestlemania Axxess interview that you can watch at this link.

Swagger's Wrestlemania Entrance

The entrance of Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter wasn't highlighted on Wrestlemania 29 due to time constraints. They drove a gimmick-themed golf cart to the ring.

Wrestlemania XXX & Extreme Rules

WWE wasted no time releasing commercials for Wrestlemania XXX and Extreme Rules with Wrestlemania 29 still on the air.

  • John

    I believe he doesn’t drive cars to the ring anymore because he is a face and they don’t want him to be compared to Eddie Guerrero.

    • jackkedx10

      no one can be compared to eddie guerrero and his lowriders..

    • I agree it was probably due to the face turn, but I saw it more that if he’s trying to show he’s “one of the people” then he shouldn’t be flaunting his wealth. I never made the connection with Eddie Guerrero.