Dixie Carter Forced Into Making Roster Cuts?, How Situations Like That Of Bruce Prichard Spread Panic, Free Agents Scared To Sign With TNA?

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While this should come as a surprise to no one that's been following the business over the last decade, Dixie Carter is said to not be taking well to the roster cuts in TNA Wrestling. We're told the decision to make cuts came from the Carter family to cut the company's expenditures. TNA took on a lot of expense when they started taping television on the road and it's put Dixie's philosophy of treating the company more like family than business to the test.

We're told Bruce Prichard was uneasy about accepting a contract that paid less, so he decided to request his release. Situations like that of Prichard have a way of spreading panic throughout the locker room regardless of TNA's future as a company. This has also played a role in detracting potential free agent signings. Talent see cuts being made and contracts being restructured and it doesn't make them as likely to negotiate.

This is seen as one of the reasons why Mark Henry went ahead and locked down his new 3-year contract with WWE while it was on the table rather than "testing the waters" at a time whn TNA is making cuts.

  • jackkedx10

    They need to cut all the old timers. Hogan is a must and as loyal as sting has been he also needs to go. They did so well in the start with out any big time names. They need to start fresh before they don’t even have that chance.