Why Fans Aren't Sold On Del Rio vs. Sheamus, When Vince Will Step Aside, The Failure Of Tensai, Ryback's Future

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Can you explain the booking of Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus? It is very boring and uninspiring.

The lack of interest in Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus has to do with fans not sold on either as main event stars. Not everyone feels this way but I've noticed several readers have voiced their displeasure over the program. I was talking with one of my WWE sources yesterday and they commented about Sheamus is one of Triple H's guys who he sees carrying the company at the top. My source and I don't see it and understand Sheamus isn't terrible but he also doesn't have the same "feel" as someone like John Cena, CM Punk or Randy Orton. WWE is sticking with it because these are two stars tapped to fill the main event void in the company.

How long do you think it will be until Triple H and Stephanie McMahon full takeover for Vince McMahon in running WWE?

Vince McMahon turns 67-years-old today (Friday, August 24th) and he's not slowing down. Vince has given Triple H more power with Stephanie running creative but at the end of the day, he makes the final call on everything. Vince McMahon is "hands on" and is a workaholic that hardly sleeps. I honestly do not believe Vince is the type of guy that can just "retire" and his tenure will end either when he dies or can no longer physically or mentally perform the duties necessary to run WWE's day-to-day operations. However, with Vince closing in on 70, he's been smart enough to make changes so if something would happen to him the company will continue,.

Do you feel the increasingly obvious failure of the Tensai gimmick is the fault of the WWE or Matt Bloom?

The catch-all scapegoat is to blame a gimmick's failure on WWE creative but I don't think it's that easy. Tensai just didn't work. Matt Bloom is a veteran in the business with a unique look that had great success overseas in Japan. However, at the end of the day, the fans didn't buy Tensai as a main eventer and haven't really bought into the character at all. This is the business were in and some have success while others do not. It comes down to being over and the fans haven't connected with the gimmick.

With Ryback still going up against mid card talent and jobbers, how long if ever, until he's main eventing or at least going against main event talent?

Vince McMahon loves the Ryback character but it's almost as if he's on an island by himself at times. The response from the WWE audience has been better than that of Tensai but I'm not sure it's drawn a real connection either. When Goldberg had success mowing through enhancement talent in WCW, the fans bought it. The fans still remember Goldberg and haven't done the same for Ryback. There's probably a feeling of putting him in the main event too soon could be disastrous and they need to give the gimmick time to evolve. With that being said I do not know of any time frame other than Vince would probably push him in the main event tomorrow if there weren't people in the company advising him otherwise.

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  • Bishop

    Want to get Ryback over? Have him save Cena while he is being destroyed by Big Show

    • Hardy

      No because super cena has to always save himself

    • Ken

      Great Idea!

      • Ken

        I didn't post the above, but I wholeheartedly concur with the sentiment. It's too simple an idea for Creative though.

    • hurrigame

      Sure, team him with Cena. It'll work for her just like it did for Zack Ryder, right?

    • vickie's lover

      lmao .. i just wanna see the part of "big show destroying cena" lol

  • Saul

    Sheamus should win at NOC then a Ziggler cash in

    • Van

      I've been wanting that to happen since Money In The Bank

  • Matt

    Vince McMahon can never die!!! I was surprised and almost disappointed that Tensai wasn't announced on the main roster for WWE 13, surely he'll be a DLC character unless something happens.

  • Lenny

    For all of you Internet geeks who are dumping on Sheamus and Del Rio as not being main event players, you need to realize this, at one time, guys like Triple H, Batista, Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero and JBL were main eventers but weren’t looked as such at first. Obviously for some of the names I mentioned, they were able to get over quicker. In all honesty, when Eddie beat Brock for the WWE title I was scratching my head because Eddie had always been a mid carder and than all of the sudden he beats the baddest dude on the block who had been main eventing since 2002. It took a long time for me to see Eddie THEE guy. Same could be said for JBL, who right after wm20 came out totally repackaged. I didnt buy him for a long time. The point is these guys need time in order to really establish and someday they will! I didn’t buy Sheamus as a main eventer for a long time. As far as “Berty” goes, he is one dementional and I can see ppl not buying into his gimmick but the fact of the matter is, he’s a former WWE AND ROYAL RUMBLE winner much like Sheamus and if you can’t see these guys as main eventers with these kinds of credentials than I think you just have a problem with them because you may think they are taking the spot of your favorite wrestler. Plus Sheamus and ADR can go but one thing they do need is a change, I feel Sheamus should go back to being a heel cuz he was more aggressive while a Del Rio baby face turn would be a breath of fresh air.

    • darkstar9290

      wow too big to read

      • Ken

        It's not the size of the thing, it's the formatting.
        It's just a massive WALL OF TEXT.

        Add some paragraphing, Lenny. Make it easier for people to read. That way people will actually read it and get what you're saying. They might agree, they might not, but they'll read it.
        This, now, they won't. I haven't.
        If you can't be effed to write properly I can't be effed to read it.

    • How was Brock not a main eventer this guy was destroying everybody including rock and taker as far as hhh goes as soon Shawn left he was becoming a star

    • Luan Rodrigues

      I don't it'd be such a great idea switching Del Rio with Sheamus(Heel > Face and vice-versa). But I would like to see some kind of change in their gimmicks. I've always enjoyed their work and I do think they have nice chemistry in the ring. What REALLY bothers me is that Ricardo keeps getting involved, even when Del Rio seems superior to Sheamus throughout the match. I think THAT needs to change. Seems to me that WWE has been forcing heels to go over their opponents dirty, instead of just being a**holes.
      Look at how over The Showoff is right now. He's loved by the smarks and hated by the 'regular' fans. That's what heels should be like… Have respect from smarks for all their achievments and be hated by the other fans(Especially children and women) foi being a**holes.

  • Juan D

    Vince is the Al Davis of WWE.

  • AnacondaVise

    I'm not a Ryback fan but I don't hate him either. That said the handicapped matches are getting really old. It's time to start having some real matches and he will sink or swim.

  • KVB

    You will never see good wrestling programming like attitude era ever ever ever!!! Guess this will just have to do….

    Maybe when Vince dies they can revert back to the artifice era then you will see the fans back and all the great storylines.

    • joe

      attitude era's gone, deal with it

    • Joe O.

      Don’t disagree with you bout how much better the storylines were in the AE but here’s something to chew on fit thought… Raw has been on for 1000+ episodes, you can only go through so many storylines before it gets “boring” or “repetitive”. Look at the movie industry now and how many movies are being re-made? Creative has nothing for you has many meanings other than just not coming up with something for a certain character.

  • Patrick Peralta

    "The lack of interest in Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus has to do with fans not sold on either as main event stars. "

    I see Sheamus as a main event star…but not Alberto.

    I like Ryback and I think they are smart to slowly build him up and move up the ladder ( so to speak )…you can't push him to fast or to soon other wise it will not end well for him. some fans do like him and respond when Ryback comes out.. with the "FEED ME MORE" chants.

    What I do not like is the Goldberg chants that is annoying as hell and not fair to Ryback. he doesn't need that.

    • Michelle

      Totally agree with the Goldberg chants man that’s getting old, I just hope that all this slow building up of Ryback actually goes somewhere tho and dont just fizzle out :-/

    • Bryan

      There are annoying fans at every show, I was at a Smackdown taping a few weeks ago and there were people in the crowd doing the "What?" chant during every promo. That annoys the hell out of me. I actually want to hear what they say, not get drowned out by a chant that Steve Austin did 10 years ago.

  • Evon Reese

    Sheamus and Ryeback can be great. I don't know if the remark about him saving Cena from Big Show was sarcastic or not but it's a great idea and I believe it would work.i wish we saw more of Tyson Kidd and I may be the only one but I truly like The One Man Rock Band Baby. I think Slater gets it and is trying to shake up and evolve his character. I can't stand Tensai. He is boring that's why his character is not getting over. Sheamus is also making his character more edgy and getting better on the mike. Personally I would rather see him wrestle Stone Cold. I don't really care as long as I get to see Stone Cold in the ring one more time. I would like to see more of Ezekiel Jackson.

  • Dave Barton

    I like Ryback.

    Now before I get stoned by an angry mob, just stop & listen/read my feelings on him…

    1> He never went into business for himself, he wasn't told to do one gimmick & then just decided to start Goldberg'ing on his own. He's doing what he was told to do.

    2> He's powerful, but his in-ring work is not sloppy or dangerous like other WWE powerhouses have been in the past (Scott Steiner & Ahmed Johnson, for example).

    3> He's not even a complete Goldberg clone…he's selling for his opponents already, whereas Goldberg hadn't really sold for quite a while into his run.

    4> He's something new by being something old. Goldberg was essentially a one-man version of the Road Warriors, and no one said "boo" about that, but that was the end of it. Now its something like 15 years since Goldberg was running over his competition, so why not try it with someone new?

    5> I miss the Road Warriors & Goldberg *in their primes*. For an old-timer like me (40yo) who's been watching since he was 5yo, it gives me something to remember them by…powerslams, press slams, and clotheslines that look like they could legitimately take someone's head off.

    I'm liking Ryback. I'd probably feel different if he were sloppy & beating veterans already, but he's not. He's being given time to learn & grow…and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

    • Wainwright


      • Dave Barton

        +12 (as of right now)?? Wow, I'm surprised. With all the Ryback-bashing going on (in general, not just here on WNW), I'm really shocked at how many people agree. Did I change people's minds or or did I just echo all of your sentiments?

    • Ken

      Thumbs up from me, Dave.
      35 years old, been watching since I was five or so, so I totally understand.
      Ryback is actually one of my fave characters at the moment, and I really hope he gets his shot at the big time without Creative screwing it up like they seem to do with anything that has promise these days.

  • Ian P.

    Didn’t Goldberg beat hugh Norrus about 10 times?

  • Liam

    I don’t see how people can overlook Del Rio’s in ring capabilities. Nobody does the little things better than him, and that alone is reason enough for him being in the main event picture

    • Wainwright

      Yes! He’s fantastic and viscious looking. They just need to let him be more of a dominant heel. The days of the chicken-shit heel gimmick are long gone. As least as widespread as it is needs to stop. It’s like they only know how to “write” one kind of heel. Ditch RR (who’s his own peacock and needs to fly!) and the knock-off Eddie/JBL entrance, keep the pyro I like that. Talk Less, NEVER mention destiny again. There ADR is a top heel (again?).

  • Brian

    1 – Sheamus is BORING. He was boring as a bad guy, and is worse as a good guy. He is mid card talent AT BEST, unless he is given a new gimmick. DelRio as gotten better. Honestly. He needs to tone up and “look the part.”. Will he ever be a main event quality heel? Ehh. He has a better chance then Sheamus that’s for sure.

    As to Tensi. I love the gimmick. If the damn fans would shut up and enjoy vs chant “A train” it would go over great. He’s like a fat Muta, lol.

    As for Ryback. This is WWE’s fault. They book a guy who looks JUST like Goldberg to work JUST like Goldberg did. Hello?! What did you expect? Change it up alittle. This who gimmick is just STUPIDITY on the WWE. It’s like having a blond guy come out, have a flashy robe, strut, hold up “4”, and then ask why the gimmick is failing when the fans chant “woooo” Hello??

    • Yanman

      Nice comment. A lot of sense being made.

    • Fat, yes. Muta?….not even close.

      • Ken

        Closer to Kabuki, but without the hair, but Sakamoto is no Gary Hart.

    • Daniel Lim'ass

      People are not buying Del Rio vs Sheamus not because of ADR's fault. It's Sheamus (or Creative's fault). He is becoming a Superman inch by inch, week by week. People are hating Cena and Orton for their abilities of Hulking up and defeat opponents after got beaten up but Sheamus is no different. Dominated by opponent earlier, a Brogue Kick and he's still the World Heavyweight Champion. Why does WWE's Creative tend to give a Super gimmick for their top guy (or top guy will be) is above me.

  • saif ashraf

    tensai should have been on wwe 13 what is your reaction to that richard

  • havoc525

    The problem I have is Del Rio doing the JBL gimmick so close to when JBL did it, making it seem too forced. Sheamus, on the other hand, had been pushed too far to the PG side as a face. He was great as a heel, he should have been put more as an Orton-esque “tweener” instead of full on face.

  • Kristolium

    The problem is i think that people are hungry for an instant idol, the just add water kind.

    It does not happen that quickly or easy. We need to give it time. A wrestlers succes does not happen over night.

  • Ellen

    I'm not so sure that fans aren't sold on ADR vs. Sheamus – I think it just might be that ADR brings nothing to the table. ADR and his character are shallow, with few ring skills (other than whatever that finishing arm thing is) – even less mic skills (my destiny – it's really old), and the mute button (my best friend) for his valet. I've got a feeling it's not Sheamus – heel or face he still gets a lot of fan reaction.

    • Liam

      Seriously? Few in ring skills? In ring he could compete with anyone. Im not completely sold on him. But in the ring he could compete with anyone

      • christopher525

        I'm not a huge fan of him using the finishing move of Craig "The Pitbull" Pittman, the arm bar has always been one of the most boring moves in wrestling. ANYONE can do it.

        • Ken

          Number three hundred and twenty seven… Arrrm Barrrrahh.
          Number three hundred and twenty eight… The Rolling, Three Handled Family Credenza.
          Number three hundred and twenty nine… Arrrm Barrrrahh.

          (Said a la Jericho)

          • havoc525

            Most hilarious moment in Nitro history. Funny that Saturn startec using the Three Handled Family Credenza in WWE.

  • Frenchfry

    sheamus as a heel was great, move him back there

    • Ken

      He was bullied as a kid for his pale skin and ginger hair, remember?
      He has to be a face to support the BA* agenda.

  • Xaq

    I'm just tired of seeing Sheamus going against Del Rio. Give him someone else to feud with for a while.

  • MonsterMike42

    Personally, I like Sheamus. It's Del Rio I can't stand. He's become so boring and one dimensional, it's not even funny. He's like a vacuum, he can suck all the entertainment out of an entire segment.

  • Chris

    It's not that I'm not sold on Del Rio vs Sheamus….I'm just bored with Del Rio. Every promo is the same, and the matches are not in any way entertaining. They need to find something new for the Smackdown main event scene.

  • saif ashraf

    tensai will get injured in a story line and come back as atrain or albert

  • Tensai Needs to go back to Japan

  • Richard

    I disagree with Richard, sheamus is a great face, mega over and a big main event star. Better than as a heel. He has what it takes to help push wwe forward. Hes better than ziggler. Del rio is the problem.

  • Evan

    I agree. Its funny how when Batista debuted and became Reverend D-Von's manager. Nobody thought of him as a main eventer. When JBL was in the APA and known simply as Bradshaw, everybody thought that he was going to stay as a tag team wrestler and never be in the main event. When Triple H debuted, nobody took him seriously. He had to work hard and fight to be in the main event. When Eddie Guerrero came to the WWE (WWF) as part of the Radicaltz, everyone thought he would only be a midcard wrestler, winning only the Intercontinental, European, or Tag Team Championships. Same thing with Chris Benoit. You just never know how the future will be. Things can change within a blink of an eye. I won't be surprised if Drew McIntyre becomes World Champion within the next year or two.

    • Frendo

      Chris who?

      • Ken


        Chris Benoit, an amazingly talented, highly dedicated, intense student of the game of professional wrestling who happens to have been villified and erased from history because he had the unfortunate mishap of getting his head injured too many times and losing his grip on reality.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Vince is still in good health and in good shape I don’t see him stepping aside anytime soon and let somebody else take over his baby the wwe. I think as long as Vince still has all his senses he will be running the wwe, unless maybe he wants to step away, but I doubt it. Time of would do Vince good, but to completely walk away I don’t see it, he loves wwe to much to do that.

    • Ken

      If Mae Young and Fabolous Moolah can go through tables when they're eighty or so, Vince could conceivably be challenging for the WWE Championship on his hundred and first.

  • Jamie

    Turn someone babyface – beat up Cena
    Turn someone Heel – beat up Rock.

  • Paul George

    Bad grammar in the reply to Q3.