Exclusive Details On Why Hulk Hogan Filed A Lawsuit Against Bubba The Love Sponge; What About Other Sex Tapes?, Dixie Carter's Reaction & Hogan's Status Within TNA Wrestling After The Scandal

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We have more on the story that won't die - the Hulk Hogan/Heather Clem sex tape(s).

As we reported last week here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium, Hogan was "treading carefully" in fear that other sex tapes could end up surfacing. Bubba the Love Sponge claimed that he had only shown the first tape and the other tapes were not at risk of leaking.

Hogan's legal counsel wanted Bubba to sign a document that copies of the other tapes had never been given to anyone and that his copies had been destroyed. If in violation of the document, a stiff financial penalty would be enforced, preventing further tapes from surfacing. While Bubba had promised Hogan that he had never shown or given other tapes to anyone, when Hogan requested Bubba to put it in writing, he refused to sign.

This is when Hogan realized his best bet at stopping further tapes from surfacing was to file a lawsuit.

For those wondering Dixie Carter's reaction to the entire scandal, the word insideĀ TNA is that Hogan is "tighter than ever" with the high-ups of the company and rather than get mad, Dixie has been very compassionate.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    U think with all the media attention and all the celebrity sex tapes out there that celebrities and wrestlers and other major sport stars would learn from this… I am somewhat shocked that is was hogan who had a sex tape and not a wwe diva or former diva… I also wonder what McMahon would have done had hogan been working for him today….

    • eurosario

      With the PG era in full force he’ll had been fired at the first mention of it.

  • snuggle

    Dixie makes me laugh. Here we have Tna a company full of talent and a boss that knows nothing about the business. She brings in Hogan who bring Bischoff and Bubba with him. They arrive with all the hype in the world. Bubba rubs wrestlers the wrong way and he’s out. They then decide to go live on Mondays which didn’t work, so they move back to Thursday nights. They overpay old wrestlers and wrestlers that Wwe doesn’t want anymore, then they decide to cut expenses. They have a war backstage between team Jarrett/Russo vs team Hogan/Bischoff. Russo finally leaves, Jarrett goes to Mexico. Dixie hires Prichard, and the company still doesn’t draw huge ratings. Then Hardy has a melt down and his brother flips out and gets fired, but Hogan has a sex tape and keeps his spot as if he’s doing the company a world of good. I do think that Wwe needs another company or two in order to drive them to do better. But Tna is it’s own worst enemy. Between Dixie and Hogan they will drive Tna out of business, which I think Hogan is still secretly trying to do.

  • SDD619

    Well that is good that Dixie iss sticking by Hogan on this one. Hogan was coned by a person who was meant to be a friend. Hogan even gave him a job in TNA. I think McMahon would have defended Hogan as Hogan made McMahon famous & would have seen it as a blind side. I hope Hogan sews Bubba for every penny in the bank. I mean what a scum bag

    • _JIM_

      I totally agree.

    • snuggle

      Are you serious coned really really. Hogan is a grown a**old man, who should’ve known better. Hogan us acting like he’s still in his early 20’s. Hogan has children in their 20’s and 30’s how do you think they feel about this. Not only has this come out that Hogan was sleeping with his friends wife with permission, but the fact that both Hogan and Linda were swingers that’s nasty on so many levels. Everybody went hard on Dixie for not firing Jeff Hardy after his breakdown, but this is far worse. This isn’t good press for Tna at all. On a weekend when Tna had their biggest show, it was upstaged by the Hogan sex tape. You can’t con a person that willingly slept with their friends wife.

    • Blaze

      I hope its a Christmas sweater that hogan sews for bubba.

  • matt

    Dixie is more concerned about everyone liking her

    • Patrick Peralta

      beats making everyone hating you.

      • Stoney

        she's supposed to be the boss, she can be a friend as well but boss first and friend second. She's too nice to run a wrestling company in a business full of manipulative, ego-ridden higher ups


    If Hogan had any respect for TNA, he'd resign until this mess is over. To me that would seem like the right thing to do for the integrity of the company and the business as a whole. Just my humble opinion.

    • ChromeyDaniels

      Totally agree.