Why John Cena Has Been Away From WWE & It Hasn't Been To Take A Vacation

John Cena hasn’t been on vacation over the past month but he’s been off filming a new TV series with Fox and Leftfield Pictures. The series is a 10-episode reality competition called “American Grit.” Cena tweeted this:

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WWE covered the news here on dot com and tweeted this:

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Time off? Nope, Cena has been hustling. We reported back in July here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com that Cena had been shopping a reality series.

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  • BIG M

    Can he maybe not come back.
    It would force WWE’s higher ups to push other workers for a change instead of Making them put Cena over again and again.

    • If that happened I’d watch again.

    • Devon

      I wouldn’t suggest he never come back. But he definitely shouldn’t rush. If I were running things, I’d wait, give em some more time off and have him be a surprise Rumble entrant. ..not for him to win mind you, but for a pop. And you can have someone low blow him or something to set up an angle.

  • Stay on Fox, John. They love talentless [email protected]

  • Michael

    Really cant knock the man’s hustle

  • andiamo18

    Little girls always bitching and moaning about Cena. The Champ will be back soon.