Why JR Called Triple H vs. The Undertaker At Wrestlemania 28; When The Decision Was Made

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The following is from the official Twitter account of Jim Ross;


  • ricardovgv

    JR definitely is part of the ERA that "ended" sunday at WM, and by the way, what a match!!!

  • JAG

    Makes sense they would want someone who has called many of their matches earlier in there career come out and announce at Wrestlemania.

  • Chris

    Good to see someone backstage giving due respect to JR. He doesn't get half the respect he deserves. Really enjoyed JR back at the announce desk, so Triple H, Undertaker, Shawn…thank you!

  • aGirl

    Nice of them but I'd wish he was there for the entire show

  • Michael

    YES! YES! YES!

    HAHA sorry. Had to do it

  • Kleck

    I saw Shawn respect to JR before the match started. He got into the rIng and saluted JR. While I do t agree with Michael Cole very often, he got it right when saying that WM isn’t WM without JR.

  • Shawn

    Jr nd king the best commentary due ever no one did it better

  • Dave

    You could tell when HBK signalled JR

  • Alex

    Yeah for a match this huge, these three were not about to have Cole screw up the commentary of this match.

  • Common Sense

    It was nice to see Cole shook JRs hand and said, 'welcome aboard'

  • Philip Thompson

    It made sense for him to call it – especially if it's also the last Wrestlemania match that he calls. He will probably get to call some matches at the upcoming nostalgia show.

  • Kevin

    Having JR call the HIAC match was GENIUS! It was billed as "The End of an Era", and if JR isn't considered a part of that era, than no one is. As much as I love JR, UT, HHH, and HBK, it should definitely be the last match any of them do. They are truly the last 4 left of a bygone era. As banged up as UT is, he should just retire. It wouldn't hurt for him to win his last match. And having a 20-0 record at WM is AWESOME! I hope he considers giving it up before he becomes permanently disabled.

    • [email protected]

      And retire before he gets to that hogan/flair stage where they should have hung it up years ago. Can you imagine seeing the undertaker….such a dominant force/powerful persona as an old, over the hill man who can’t cut it anymore. I have loved him since the day he came along but the most I would like to see him do is 1 more mania against lesnar and thats completely it! I hope he can go out with that HIAC being his last match cause even if he went to mania with lesnar there is no way it will topp that match. Rant over haha